Top 10 Most Expensive Paintings Ever

Painting is a mode of expression because it represents the art of the particular. In this world many famous painters came and they shown their art to all the World. The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci is the most popular painting. If we are talking about paintings there are nothing to compare between the paintings or art of the painters. Every art is the best as well as every artiest.

Paintings are priceless because these are the best imagination of our thought and it shows the hype of the human thought and feelings. Today we are sharing 10 Most expensive paintings ever. We collected the information about the people who spent a lot of money to buy the paintings. Also the interesting fact is that the World Most popular painting “Mona Lisa” that was insured for $100 Million in 1962 was adjusted with $645 in 2005. Here are the 10 most expensive paintings ever by the great painters.

1.Jackson Pollock – No 5 1948 – $140,000,000

No. 5 1948 is a painting by Jackson Pollack. The painting was done on 8’*4′ sheet of fiberboard.The painting forming a nest like appearance. The painting was owned by Samues Lrving Newhouse, Jr. but later
David martinez owned this in 2006.This is the most expensive painting ever sold.

2. Willem De Kooning – Woman III – $137,500,000

Woman III is a painting by Willen de Kooning. Woman III is one of a series of six paintings between 1951 to 1953.The central theme of this series paintings was a woman. This paintings was completed in 1953 and it measures 1.7m*1.2m.In November 2006, this painting was owned by a billionaire Steven A. Cohen.

3. Gustav Klimt – Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer – $135,000,000

Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer is a painting by Gustav Klimt. Klimt took three years to complete the painting. It measures 138*138cm and was made of oil and gold on canvas. This painting was sold to Ronald Lauder for his Neue Galerie in New York City in June 2006.

4. Pablo Picasso – Garcon a la pipe – $104,168,000

Garcon a la pipe is a painting by Pablo Picasso. Picasso completed this painting when he was 24years old.The oil on canvas painting depicts a Parisian boy holding a pipe in his left hand and wearing a garland or wreath of flowers. On May 5, 2004 the painting was sold for US$104,168,000 at Sotheby’s auction in New York City. Sotheby’s did not say who bought the painting. But the sources say that it was Guido Barilla the owner of Barilla Group.

5. Pablo Picasso – Dora Maar au chat – $95,216,000

Dora Maar au Chat (Dora Maar with Cat) is a 1941 painting by Pablo Picasso. It depicts Dora Maar, the painter’s lover, seated on a chair with a small cat perched on her shoulders. Dora Maar au Chat was painted on the canvas(128.3cm by 95.3cm). This painting was done during year 1941, when the Nazis were occupying France. An anonymous Russian bidder won this painting with final bid of US$95,216,000.

6. Gustav Klimt – Portrait of Adele Bloch-Baur II – $87,936,000

Portrait of Adele Bloch-Baur II is a 1912 painting by Gustav Klimt.The Portrait of Adele Bloch-Baur was the only model that was painted twice by Gustav Klimt.In November 2006, Christie’s auction house sold “Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer II” at auction for almost $88 million.

7. Francis Bacon – Triptych 1976 – $86,300,000

The Irish painter is known for some dark and evil paintings. The Triptych 1976 collection was part of a much larger series of triptychs (three panels of art creating one image). It was purchased at auction in 2007 by Russian billionaire and Chelsea Football Team owner Roman Abramovich.

8. Vincent van Gogh – Portrait du Dr Gachet – $82,500,000

Portrait of Dr. Gachet is one of the most revered paintings by Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh.There are two authenticated versions of the portrait, both painted in June 1890 at Auvers. Both show Doctor Gachet sitting at a table and leaning his head onto his right arm, but they are easily differentiated in color and style. In 1990 this painting was sold to a Japanese Businessman for a staggering $82,500,000.

9. Claude Monet – Le Bassin aux Nymphéas – $80,400,000

Le Bassin Aux Nymphéas (Water Lily Pond; 1919) is one of the series of Water Lilies paintings by French impressionist artist Claude Monet. It is an oil on canvas painting measuring 100.4 × 201 cm.The painting, depicting a beautiful scene of a bridge with floating water lilies became the most expensive Monet back in 2008 when it sold for double the previous highest Monet.

10. Jasper Johns – False Start – $80,000,000

The False Start is one of the popular oil paintings of Jasper Johns and was made on a canvas 170.8 centimeters long and 137.2 centimeters wide. The colorful painting has always impressed the people since the time it was released. The magnificent use of varied kinds of colors in painting is most impressive.
This painting was Bought in 2006 by the founders of the Citadel Investment Group Anne and Kenneth Griffin for $80 Million.

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