Best Free Online Backup Services To Be Hasslefree

Due to increasing vulnerabilities of harmful computer threats and hard drive failures, it has become quite necessary for all of the computer users to back up their important data, files, documents or photos etc. A majority of people worldwide still rely on traditional methods to store their data such as hard drive, CDs, tapes and so on, but disasters can happen any time leading to the total loss of your valuable files and data from your computer system. Thus, to avoid such unpredictable calamity or any kind of virtual threat, the concept of online data back-up has come into existence.

Online backup services provide you an option to store your files at off-site server spots where you can have an easy access to them anytime you want with the help of an internet connection. Though there is a myriad of online backup services available at the web market that charges certain amount to store your most valuable data. But storing backups of your documents may not need to be expensive all the time. Here are some of the best free online backup options that are available today to suit your purpose.



The foremost free online backup solution is Sugarsync that offers huge access to store your files. After you sign up, you get 2 GB of storage space just for free. It also contains various additional features such as online file sharing and installing apps and photos. It is the best deal for camera lovers as you can store all your loving photos online and also in the other computers you have synced.

Mozy is also a popular backup solution for online storing. It offers 2 GB of free space to store all size files in an easy-to-use program. With its 128-bit SSL encryption and 448-bit Blowfish encryption, Mozy ensures you a safer and secure storage of your valuable files and other information online.

Idrive is also a wonderful free online backup option for the computer users. It gives you 5 GB of free storing space with some of the excellent features after signing up. The stored backup data at the Idrive is encrypted to ensure maximum protection and a private encryption key is recommended to the user so that no one can access your stored data or file.

ADrive is a major competitor of Idrive and it offers 50 GB of free space to back up your files online with unlimited bandwidth other interesting features such as integrating web hosting account, picture storing and file sharing in an easiest and hassle free way.

Then there is the Microsoft’s SkyDrive that offers 25 GB of free storage space with plenty of other features that you will surely love to enjoy. It gives you the flexibility to integrate SkyDrive with your Windows computer and also with the smart phones.

And last not the least is the Dropbox which is one of the most sought after backup options among computer enthusiasts. With its support for Linux, it also support to create account with 2 GB of free space but you can get up to 8 GB of free storage by just referring the service to your friends. Moreover, it offers you the feature of using private true crypt keys and to upload web files into the Dropbox with the help of Cloud Save Chrome.

Thus, after taking a look to these several free backup solutions, it may be quite difficult to you to choose the best that suits your needs perfectly. So take an intensive research and compare various free online backup options before taking the final decision to make your valuable and precious files and information safe and protected forever and ever.

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