Dance Maestro Who Walked the World with ‘Moon Walk’

Michael Jackson who’s full name is Michael joseph Jackson is recognized as the most successful entertainer of all time. His contribution to dance, music and fashion made him a popular character. He become more popular with his initial MJ. Also he is popular because of his acts. So today in this article we have collected some of the Michael Jackson’s Photograph with his different different acts. Many people knows him as a dancer and singer. But he becomes more popular with his personal life among the people. I hope we tried our best to show you the different different MJ. Give your views about this article and enjoy the pics…

1. Angry:

2. Crying:

3. Dancing:

4. Drinking:

5. Driving:

6. Jumping:

7. Laughing:

8. Sad:

9. Singing:

10. Smoking:

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