6 Astounding Android Apps for Business Purposes

In case you have a small business and you want to make it large then here are some of the best applications you can make use of to make things happen in the right way. It is not something easy to handle a small business set up. A variety of tasks and processes are involved and in the manner you can really enlarge the enterprise in fashion. In case you have plans to make job easy then you can simply make use of all the smart phone features in order to add life to the business. Here are some of the best apps you can make use of and add relevance to the kind of trade you are involved in.

1. Google Voice Application

This is a real transformer and can really take communication to the next level. With the Google Voice numbering process you can easily forward your calls to several numbers both in and out of the cell phone. In the process you can make free calls and you are also able to do better texting.


2. Have a Bump Now

The bump is the next application to talk about. This is a kind of application which can enable you to share data and other contact details from several sources. You just need to apply a fist bump and instantly you can make use of the application.


3. All About CamScanner

This is really an exceptional application process in which case you can use your mobile device just like a scanner appliance. In the process you can scan all necessary documents in time. In this way you can well keep an account of all the expenses incurred in business. The CamScanner can help you scan innumerable page documents and you can even go about doing batch processing.


4. Details on CamCard Lite

This is a kind of application which can allow you to save and share several business cards in one exact location. This is just like a digital rolodex. The lite version of the application will help you capture ten cards at one time and this is something really remarkable.


5. The Relevance of BarCode Scanner

This is a sort of application which would enable you to go for a product scanning of several QR codes and bar codes. From the QR codes you can easily extract contact information, text messaging, calendar even arrangement and other stuffs. After things are done you can best portray the information on the map.


6. The Efficacy of Astro File Manager

This is more than an application. It is a sort of multipurpose device and can immensely help in managing all the files directly to your Android platform. In the process you can rename, delete, copy, move and send essential file attachments so easily.


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