7 Best Portable Software Programs

As you all be aware of, Portable Programs are those programs which are freely be used without installing on your computer system, which can be taken to any place like we can port it anywhere in a pen drive or memory cards like storage media. It is very much popular these days, as these softwares don’t need any type of installation, they are just being opened. Like just plug in your storage device and fire the particular program you wanna run and see its full working without any huge installations and all. So for all this, am here with a great post on some of the best portable software programs that you must know about, here’s the list.

1. Notepad++ Portable

Here comes Notepad++ which is a text editor and many a people quite well knows about this software. This is one of the finest portable app which helps you viewing any type of code and then can find errors on it easily and can correct it very easily. With it there are many other features which you can’t find it on a normal notepad in your computer.

2. OpenOffice.org Portable

Now whenever you require any text editor for editing your doc files and think you don’t have a MS Office then don’t worry as here comes OpenOffice which helps you quickly edit your docs by just having this portable version on your computer system.

3. FileZilla Portable

Here comes FileZilla, well every web designer must have heard about this software which is of great use to them. Well this software helps its users to upload their websites pages to the domain in just few minutes. It is avery fast software which helps you to have any changes in your web pages in just few minutes and that too very easy to use with its Nice User Interface.

4. µTorrent Portable

µTorrent is a yet another software which is quite portable and is the world’s best torrent client software out there which works very finely and is mostly being used by all torrent lovers. Here we have its portable version with which you can anytime install on your system and enjoy downloading your favourite files over µTorrent.

5. Skype Portable

Here comes, Skype which is world’s best video calling software which is so famous these days among Facebook and other users all across the world because of its decent User Interface and strong reliability it is most preferred video client. So here is its Portable version, go grab it.

6. VLC Media Player Portable

Here comes, VideoLan which is a cool video player for windows and other operating system. It is one of the best video player out in the world as it has millions of users all across the globe. You even don’t need to install any of the codecs or anything like that, just run this application and everything is in your hand. We can view our all kinda video formats on it.

7. Linux Ubuntu

Well, now lastly lets talk about Linux which is also a yet another operating system which is not a portable software but they do consist of some softwares that named like portable like that of Live CD, now mostly the non Linux users must not be getting this name as they haven’t listened it in their life, well this is an option which allows us to open up our Operating system without even installing any of your hard drive on it.

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