Why You Should Upgrade from HDD to SSD ?

Once upon a time I read in a blog post, 20 years before a floppy disk with 5MB of data was carried on a flight for faster transmission. Nowadays, the transmission of 8MB/Sec is very normal. The technology got tremendous development and the price has also become reasonable for storage devices. When Floppy disc was the primary portable storage device, the maximum storage capacity was 5MB, when CDs and DVDs came into existence, Gigabytes of storage has become very normal. In the early days, the computer’s hard disk capacity was around 20GB, now any laptop that you like to purchase new comes with minimum of 320 GB, 500 GB and 1 Terabyte.

The evolution of memory storage has tremendously improved now a day. Even the memory storage has increased a lot; the transmission speed plays a vital role. For instance, your hard disk storage capacity is 1TB if the transmission speed is very low it will automatically affect the speed of your computer. That is why the transmission speed of a hard drive plays a vital role in the performance of your computer. Today for laptops and desktops we have advanced storage systems called Solid State Drive (SSD). It is ten times faster than normal hard drives. It will tremendously increase the performance of your PC. You may run Windows 7 or Linux, not a problem. SSDs will deliver excellent speed and performance.
Let’s see how it will increase the performance and how it differs from the normal hard drives.

Why You Should Upgrade To SSD ?

As I said earlier, Solid State Drives are ten times faster than Hard disk drives. It is because, the drive is completely flash storage and the transmission speed is around 500 MB/Sec. The normal hard drive is a disk based storage and the transmission speed is around 140MB/Sec. You may have a question in your mind that where exactly the transmission speed of a hard disk makes a difference? Here it is, if an application like iTunes or Microsoft Word is running in your computer and that particular application needs some data from your hard drive. If the transmission speed is high the data fetching will happen very fast, this will upgrade the performance of your computer.
After upgrading to SSD from HDD my Mac OS boot time is just 10 seconds from 1 to 1.5 minute. Shutdown takes just 5 to less than 10 second which is really super fast. It also increases the speed of every action of your computer. Below we have a comparison chart between traditional HDD vs Edge SSD. They have compared the performance in every action of the computer.

Using SSD in your laptop or desktop will not only increase the speed also improve the performance of other hardware. We can see an example from the graph that, while we use HDD, the laptop battery usage time is less as compared to when we use SSD. It is because of the flash storage and the transmission speed. When the performance is higher, automatically it will increase the efficiency of hardware. The next thing comes to your mind is what is the price difference between these two devices. The price of SSD is quite high as compared to HDD. But if you see from the perspective of performance and efficiency, it is a reasonable investment in your computer.
SSDs are best for people who work with Video Rendering and Designs. Photoshop, Corel Draw and many software that requires more memory and faster disk access run totally like a breeze in SSD.
These are some important reasons why you can switch to SSD to improve your productivity and the performance of your PC. Try the Solid State Drive in your system and share your experience with us in the comment box. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful productive day.

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