5 Android Apps For Increasing the Worth of Photography

With the increasing success of Android Apps and devices, there is no wonder that people are now looking for all kinds of programs on their devices. this is why it is important for them to know which are the best applications for Android phones for photo editing, and how can they use them in their advantages.

1. Instagram

Instagram can be considered more than an editor, as it is also a method to socialize using pictures. The new Facebook options is really popular, attracting tens of thousands of users each day, and becoming one of the most important features on this social network.

2. PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio is a great application, but it has a huge disadvantage, as it consumes many resources. It is not recommended for processors under 1 GB. The good part is that it offers all the instruments you need. You have cutting and dimensioning features, and also contrast, saturation, and sepia effects. Then, you also have the effects structured on artistic purposes, such as FX, Pop Art and Paper. Those are only a few of the offered options, and you can also download clipart and other fonts.

PicsArt comes with its own socializing service, as you can praise the creations you have made with this application. Of course, you can also share them on social networks, but an account with PicsArt implies many more.

3. BeFunky photo Editor

This is another complete editing solution with basic and advanced options, and also with some interesting features such as HDR. However, the advanced features are only available with the Pro version, but considering the many possibilities offered by this version, you should also think about buying it. The application is great, as you have the option of managing pictures with a high resolution, and it is also fast responsive. With a great interface, it is good for any kind of user, whether we are talking about a beginner or about an advanced editor that knows his way with photo editing programs.

4. PicSay

This is the solution for people that are looking for maximum quality with minimum of effort. We have many ways to work with this system at our disposal, and considering the dimension of the photo, you can use the maximum number of pixels. Even fir maximum quality, you will be able to cut, re-dimension and change the perspective, and the effects are in great number. Even the red-eye correcting feature is available, so there is no reason for you to look for anything else. You can add texts and comments; therefore, this can really be considered the perfect application.

5. Say Cheese Camera

Say Cheese is a camera application with innovative voice recognition and response features. This camera app is heavy on useful photographic tools, like a talking countdown timer, highest resolution settings of any camera app, stealth mode, live filters, batch uploading and GPS/Time stamping. Includes on-board help and a free set of live frames.

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