Top Free Phone Locator (Anti-Theft) Apps for Android

Having that anti-theft app can be an amazing tool and mean that you can find your device whether lost or stolen. The features are pretty impressive and are worth having installed without a doubt.

As an Android user and owner, you will no doubt be concerned about the security of your device. There are some excellent Android apps available should you find yourself in the predicament of having lost your phone. The expense spared will be great if the phone is recovered so these apps are essential to prevent any eventuality. You can benefit from apps that can track and recover your phone as well as those that make it more secure.

F-Secure Anti-Theft is a really easy to use app developed for Android phones and you can use this to wipe your data or lock the device remotely should your phone go missing. You can also be notified is someone changes the SIM via SMS and track the whereabouts of the device.
Anti Droid Theft is similar; designed to track your phone and locate it using the internet. This will notify you if the SIM is changed and you can even view any images taken on the camera of your phone remotely to help you in your bid to find it! Where’s My Droid is brilliant for when you can’t find your phone in the house. It’s not really useful if your phone is stolen, but for those hundreds of times when you ‘just put it down’ and can’t find it; this is great. You will set an ‘attention word’ which, when text to your phone, will automatically turn if off silent mode and your phone will start ringing so you can locate it or you can opt to receive its GPS location. Similar to this one,
WatchDroid Lite acts in the same way and sends messages to a desired number with the GPS location of the device. There is also a pro version of this one available for remote locking and device wiping.

McAfee WaveSecure comes highly recommended as gives complete mobile security. The app increases the likelihood that the phone will be recovered and protects the privacy of the user under necessary circumstances. Your device can be completely backed up, remotely locked or wiped, and tracked. The only downside to this app is that it is not free.

The Avast Anti-Theft app allows the user to remotely control their device via SMS. The user can locate the device using GPS, lock the device, wipe the data and set off an ‘alarm’ regardless of whether or not the phone is in silent mode. You can even make a phone call or display a message on the screen! So, if your phone is missing you can display ‘please return to…’ and hope that a model citizen is the one to find it. This app has a lot to offer and you can check with any broadband expert if this app is the one for your Android.

Android Lost another great app; users can locate, lock and wipe their missing phones. A great feature mentioned for this app is the ability to take pictures from the front or the back camera which means you could even get a snap shot showing the identity of the person who has your phone!

Prey Anti-Theft is an easy app to use although doesn’t have all of the features the aforementioned can boast. It allows the user to use GPS to locate the device and lock the device.

The Lookout Security and Antivirus app offers the features you need although has been known to use a bit of you phones memory. You can locate your device and make the device ring. The features are not quite as extensive as some of the others.

Prey Phone Tracker for android allows users to locate their device via GPS or through GSM triangulation. An account has to be set up for this app to allow tracking although, once done, you can use this for all of your devices.

There are so many anti-theft Android apps available that you are sure to find the one that suits you. Some offer more than others, some are easier to use, and some don’t drain your battery as much. Whichever you choose, make sure you install it soon; better to be safe than sorry.

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