Techies Unite! 5 TV Shows for Technology Lovers

Hey, we get it: You love technology so much that you not only want to use it on a regular basis, read about it online and talk about it with friends, you also want to watch it on TV. You’re a serious techie and only the smartest of shows will really capture your interest. Since we’re guessing that “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” isn’t going to satisfy you – and let’s face it, the only technology those women know how to use is an iPhone. Why not watch shows that are smart, tech-heavy and perfect for you?

The IT Crowd

British import comedy, any tech lover can appreciate this show about a two-man IT department with a clueless boss and semi-hot supervisor. If you’re the only person in the office snickering when someone asks you to fix the server, this show is going to strike a chord with your tired, “why I am I smarter than everyone” mentality. Make sure that you check out the best character ever known to man, Moss. The show hasn’t made the swim across the pond just yet, but you can still catch episodes on Netflix and online if you’re lucky.


As a tech lover, you’ve probably spent hours thinking about some of the most pressing and serious questions of life. No, not “where did man come from?” but stuff like “would MacGyver really be able to fix an airplane with a paperclip?” That’s what makes “Mythbusters” the perfect show for the tech-inclined. You get to have your fill of crazy hypotheses and the various technologies used to prove or dispel certain myths, like whether or not your cell phone can blow up a gas station or if there’s a note so low that it can cause incontinence.


Love learning more about what could be in store for technology in the future? Discovery Channel’s “NextWorld” does that. Part news, part documentary, the show travels around the world to bring you the latest in new technology. Whether it’s what life will be like 20 years from now or how cars will change over time. It’s enough to satisfy even the geekiest of tech lovers, complete with artist renderings and tons of the jargon that you love to hear.


It’s not often that tech and math nerds enjoy their time to shine as butt-kicking crime fighters. While “Numb3rs” was cancelled in 2010, it’s worth a second look via DVD or video streaming services. The show is all about two brothers; one who works for the FBI and one who is a math genius that works as a consultant. Somehow, all of the crimes in the shows are solved by mathematical equations that are often done via computer program. Nerds? What nerds?

Shark Tank

While it might not outwardly look like a tech show, “Shark Tank” does exhibit some of the new aspiring designers and their uber-cool inventions. Sure, some are downright low-tech (BBQ rub? Glasses holders?) But others are super tech savvy, marrying invention with consumerism. Of course, watching the sharks go toe-to-toe with each other to buy the inventions is just icing on top of an already awesome cake. The stakes are high, so it should satisfy your thirst for excitement and technology.

The next time you’re looking for something a little smarter than your average singing contest or murder mystery, check out any of the above shows to get your fill of all things tech. You’ll be happy to finally find a group of people who understand your utter disdain for clueless consumers and PC users while checking out some of the newest and best ideas.


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