Skrill Vs Alertpay: Which One is Better?

Skrill is a preferred payment solution by more than 25 million users around the world and offers 100 different local payment options and local bank transfers. It supports around 41 currencies and accessed by individuals from more than 200 countries.

The biggest advantage of Skrill is that it is secure, user-friendly and is free of charge for buyers. You can instantly create an account by signing up at their website.

Buyers need not reveal their credit card or bank account details to any third parties and everything will be processed in a secure way by Skrill. When they register with Skrill, they will provide all their bank details and it will used for every transaction which they make through Skrill. None of your financial information will be disclosed to 3rd parties for your safety.

Skrill uses latest fraud-protection technology and advanced risk assessment techniques to ensure your transactions are secure. Also the processing is done in a timely manner at Skrill. Once the buyer makes a purchase and sends his payment, the merchant will obtain instant notification that the payment is received. Once he receives the notification, he will ship the product quickly and this helps in faster transaction for both sellers and buyers.

You can open an account in Skrill if you have a bank account or an international debit or credit card. Skrill is used by more than 120,000 merchants and online stores who provide special offers and discounts for Skrill users.

Alertpay is also a popular online payment solution which has recently transformed to after it got acquired by MH Pillars Ltd. a UK based company. They launched their redesigned website with enhanced services like local bank transfers, wire transfers and improved customer support. All the old Alertpay account users will have their existing accounts transferred to and can login with their existing username and password.

Alertpay is also a free payment service similar to Skrill and they are famous for corporate disbursements, e-commerce processing and remittances for businesses around the globe. Using the e-wallet platform, users around the globe can carry out online transactions in hassle free manner. It offers flexible withdrawal options like debit/credit card, global bank wires, prepaid cards, localized banks and other options.

Alertpay also called Payza is used more than 8 million individuals from 197 countries worldwide. It supports 21 different currencies and more than 75,000 merchants around the globe prefer Payza as their payment solution. Payza also provides fraud management services, foreign exchange services, email invoicing, business management tools, mass remittance services etc.

Alertpay also offers convenient platforms for emerging markets to obtain international payments in a secure way. The corporate disbursements is a mass option which allows you send payments for several hundred users instantly with just single click of a button. You can get detailed payment reports and email invoices for tracking purposes. There are separate account categories for business and normal users and features will vary in both these account types. Compared to Payza, Skrill is more secure and cost-effective payment solution and is preferred by many users.


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