13 Creative Ways to Get More Blog Viewers

When it comes to online traffic, blogs are often used to enhance the visibility of a website or increase the number of visitors. In other words, blogs are considered as one of the most prominent and powerful techniques that are used in online marketing. The perspective or viewpoint of the business that is presented in the blog is loved by the internet users who want to explore information about a particular business. Millions of blogs are being written every day on various topics and those that showcase the features of a particular website. These blogs are regularly read by the online community while looking for specific or general information on the internet.

Here, is a list of 13 creative ways that will help you to get more blog viewers:

• The URL of the blog should be submitted to major search engines such as Google and Yahoo in order to increase the viewership. In other words, you should apprise the search engines about your new blog so that they are able to explore the quality of the blog. A good quality blog will surely find a place in the result pages of the search engines.
• Blog commenting is one of the surest ways to enhance viewers. Commenting can be done in both ways in which you can ask for your reader’s opinion, or you can also comment on the quality of the blogs that are being written by others along with the URL of your website. If your comment is attractive, the visitors will click on the link to visit your website also. Therefore, you will not only get blog viewers, but divert traffic to your website.
• Subscribing to the RSS feed is one of the most popular ways for readers to know the time when a new blog will be published.
• Adding tags can make your blog easily noticeable to readers. On the other hand, it is easier for the readers to find out the blogs while they are searching the internet.
• The blog postings should be submitted to social bookmarking sites that include Digg and Stumble Upon and several others that are visited regularly by online viewers.
• The content of the blog should not only be useful, but attractive as well. In short, the readers should be engaged by the style of writing, and the content should be updated frequently.
• Adding images and pictures will not only make your blog attractive, but it will also help the readers to identify a particular blog.
• Links are also useful as it is often explored by search engines and bloggers while looking for the information that is posted.
• The inclusion of keywords should be appropriate, and the pages of the blog posts should be properly optimized for increasing blog viewers.
• The style of writing or expression should be precise or have clarity. The bloggers should interact with other writers or the community to enhance viewers.
• Promotion of blogs is very important through various means even if it means including your blog and URL in offline conversations.
• Participating in online forums can also help you to get more readerships for the blog.
• Writing guest posts on the blogs of others is an excellent way to show your write ups to the audience.
Effective blogging will certainly help you to attract more viewers towards your blog.

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