7 Tips for a Successful Product Launch List Building

If you want to attract more interest from your audience toward your new product, you should build a special list dedicated to inform your audience about your product launch. Product launch list building is important if you want to generate more sales from your new product. Without this list, you will be struggling just to spread the word about your new product. Thus, building a targeted email list for your product launch is an effective strategy to build a customer base for your new product. Here are 7 tips for a successful product launch list building:

1. Spread the word about the launch beforehand

Give three months period for you to build a list for your new product launch. This is enough to build anticipation, create hype, and spread the word about your new product. Most people will start building a list only a few weeks before their launch date, and this period is usually not making them comfortable. You cannot build sufficient interest toward your new product if you only have few weeks to inform them. Therefore, give yourself sufficient time to inform your audience about your new product.

2. Introduce your new product in the form of free product

If you want to make sure that your product is getting accepted by your audience, you need to make them know what your product is all about. For instance, if you want to sell an information product, create a report hinting about your new information product and what your audience will get from it. If you want to sell software, perhaps you can give your audience trial version of the software. This is important for you to do, especially if your product is really new in the market.

3. Strategically remind your audience

Once you have a growing list of interested audience, you need to strategically remind your audience about your product. For this purpose, you need to send them emails revealing some details about the product regularly. It is better to give this reminder once a week. However, it doesn’t mean that you only send emails to your list once a week. You can send emails about tips and tricks related to your niche several times a week. But, for this reminder, you should send it once a week.

4. Pick a good domain name

A good domain name will boost the interest of your audience toward your product. A good name for your product will also entice your audience to know about it further. If you just give a regular name for your domain as well as your product, it will be difficult for you to entice your audience that your new product is great. Therefore, in choosing your domain name and product name, you should be very careful not to make your name sound regular, weird, or strange.

5. Focus on free traffic

It is recommended for you to focus on free traffic when building a list for your product launch. You don’t need to invest your money on paid traffic during this phase. This is because free traffic is good for testing purpose, and you don’t know whether your product will be a winner or not. This is to avoid unnecessary investment in your promotion. By focusing on free traffic, you will be able to attract targeted audience for your new product, without worrying about losing your investment. You can focus on paid traffic only when your product is proven to convert well.

6. Use a reputable autoresponder system

Your choice of autoresponder will affect your audience’s trust toward your product. If you are reluctant to invest on a good autoresponder system, and choose to use free autoresponder or self-hosted autoresponder instead, your audience may not see your product as reputable. Remember that $20 per month investment is better for you, and it will help you to maintain your audience’s trust.

7. Give prelaunch content to your audience

While your audience is waiting for your new product launch, you can entertain them by giving them prelaunch content that will benefit them. Of course, the content need to be valuable and it should be able to help your audience. Think about this content as a presell content for your new product. You need to give relevant and helpful information that will help your audience to solve their problem.

Those are 7 tips you should apply for a successful product launch list building. When you’re about to launch a new product, it is important for you to build a list of targeted audience. In this way, it will be easier for you to build the initial customers base for your new product.

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