LG Optimus 4X HD Full Review

More and more smartphone manufacturers are testing the limits and are simply flooring consumers with every new model. LG and Samsung share the story of twins with different stories. While LG has slowly but steadily slipped back in the race, Samsung has risen to become the number one. While Samsung has taken the right steps at the right time, LG has shown lackluster performance in the past couple of years. Even though it has come up with some quality phones, it hasn’t quite risen. Well, that might change with the new LG Optimus 4X HD.

Hardware Design

LG has taken a middle approach when it comes to the design. While it hasn’t been as stunning as the HTC One X, it does have created a phone that’s much sleeker than the Samsung Galaxy S3. Owing to the 4.7 display, the phone is quite huge and still manages to fit quite perfectly in your hands. Two silver stripes that run along the edge of your smartphone give it an ultra look. Standard component includes the volume rocker along with the 3.5mm jack and a micro-USB port at the bottom. The rubberized and textured back surely enables folks to get a good grip without the chance of falling.


You’d normally expect the 4.7-inch display to churn out a 720p. The Gorilla glass ensures that your phone is away from scratches and dents. Optimus 4X HD again takes the middle path between the One X and the S3 by not giving as stunning display as the One X but being the perfect cheaper alternative to Galaxy S3.


Introducing this phone with an 8-megapixel camera, this is perfect for all those looking for a stunning picture. Other than the rear camera, the phone comes with a 1.3 megapixel front camera. The manual focus may not be much of a help. However, the auto-focus is simply brilliant and enables you to capture some of the most stunning pictures. Supporting a Full HD recording, the camera software comes with a standard customizable features. Again, a notch below the One X.

Software/ User interface

LG has categorically left its software out of the picture for most, if not all, models. This has, in our opinion, been one of the primary reasons for a slide in sales. However, that is an old story now that the software UI has been revamped. The UI has achieved some of the greatest feats and might just be the phone that will solve most of LG’s problems. The UI is absolutely fast and makes you fall in love, right from the time you unlock your device. One of the most useful feature of the UI has been the unlocking feature. A circle comes up the moment you tap on it. It even hosts four smaller icons and tapping on those will take you directly to the app. Pretty cool!

Performance/ Battery Life

Another big improvement has been the quad-core processor than has made the phone quite snappy. The UI ensures that you get a smooth service, even after opening multiple apps. The 1GB RAM is more than adequate in this case.

There is one important point that we need to tell you. It’s the battery life. The 2100mAh battery won’t be adequate to see your device through a day. If you are expecting it to last long even after playing some cool Android games along with other app-activity, then you will be disappointed with this phone. The quad-core processor is a guzzler and hence, it’s going to pay off with a light usage.


With the Optimus 4X HD, LEG has really stepped up the game. It’s going to be interesting to see how the device shapes up in the market in the near future.

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