How to Install HoneyComb (Android 3.1) on your Google Television Box?

We see technology pacing over night. There seems to be no end to invention. In the same context, Google Television Box is an unorthodox invention by Google. It is not just a TV that you use for watching shows or enjoying movies. It is a complete package of applications. You can enjoy them and would love to use them. Google TV is a gadget which facilitates all other features of any other gadget but also serves as a TV at the same time. If you wish to add to your fun, you can save money on Dish Latino at this website.

Google’s box explains its uses and benefits. What is a honeycomb? It is an android application which supports a USB port. With the help of this feature, you can connect your smaller devices to your TV. Along with having the facility of a USB port, it also supports connectivity of a Bluetooth mouse. It is a blessing in disguise for those who are keen to attach their mouse to their TV sets for some reason or the other. This application can make your browsing easy. In addition, with the help of this application, the trend of gaming on tablet PCs is taking another level of heights.

How to Install It on Google TV Box

You can install this honeycomb in the form of an update to your Google TV box. The simple procedure for doing so is in the form of a few simple steps that you can follow.

1. Download the file of HoneyComb 3.1 update to your system. You can download it on your tablet PC, desktop or laptop.

2. Copy this file onto your portable USB. Make sure that you save the update file in the main folder of your USB so that it is easier to trace it during recovery.

3. While copying the file onto your USB, do not change the original name of the file or its format. If you do so, this may interrupt the installation of your Google TV Box.

4. Another important thing to keep in mind is that you must use a USB with FAT 32. Any other USB might not prove compatible with the system or might cause problems in the installation.

5. Now plug that USB to your Google TV’s USB port. Press “Connect”.

6. Once the TV connects to your USB, it will automatically restart your TV while in the mean time, the logo will show.

7. Now press the function key that will take you to the recovery menu. Go to recovery mode in order to continue with the installation.

8. Once you are in recovery mode, the rest of the process is very simple. Click on the option “apply update from sd-card”. Make sure that along with this instruction, it also shows the name of your file that was for the HoneyComb 3.1 file.

9. Google will verify the signature for HoneyComb on its own from the core file. Once it verifies, the installation will begin.

10. Once the installation is complete, Google TV will re-start automatically. If it does, you can relax knowing the procedure went perfectly. If it does not re-start automatically, then there must be a step which you did not perform or that you performed incorrectly.

If you are a tech savvy person and want most of your things and applications to turn into a gadget so that you can enjoy ease of use, the world is at your rescue. Google TV is there available at your home and on the go, you have multiple options. There are android applications in tablet PCs and all smartphones. HoneyComb will provide you with all those facilities so that you can better use your gadgets.

Google TV is planning an update in the near future that will incorporate HoneyComb 3.1 in it, but if you do not wish to wait for that either, go get your update and enjoy.

The above article is written by Sarah James. She is associated with few technology related websites and blogs as their freelance writer. In her free time she writes articles related to television technology, gadgets etc. If you want to save money she will advice you to go for Dish Latino at this website.

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