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Gone are the days when people used to send letters and post cards to connect with people. The advancement of technology has revolutionized the world of communication. Emails have become an accepted and widely recognized form of communication. An Android phone now has got over the tag of being just a system for speech calling. It is now known for a host of other functions in the world of mobile applications.
One of the most popular apps for Android is the email app. One issue is that there is no native Android e mail app. Each and every device maker uses his own app. Even the same Android manufacturer like Samsung has email apps that act differently from one phone to another.
Let us take a close look at some of the top email apps for Android phones:

Yahoo! Mail

With Yahoo! Mail for your Android phone you can have a faster, smarter and richer mailing experience. The features include:
o Supports multiple Yahoo! Mail accounts
o Preview photos in inbox
o Advanced integration with Yahoo Messenger
o Push notifications of mails
o Sending and receiving mail attachments
o Smart folders and powerful search

Visual Voice Mail

With this mail you can access and manage messages and you do not require dialing Voice Mail. You can scroll an inbox to listen to and erase and reply to messages. You can respond through callback or text. This feature was first promoted by Apple’s iPhone.


Next in my bag for Android email app is Yandex.Mail. With this app you can send messages and chat from anywhere you want. This email app also helps you in getting instant notifications about your new messages and chat messages.
Functions include:
o Send and receive messages and attachments
o Using push notifications so that you no longer have to check your mail manually
o With Yandex.Maps you can share your location with friends
o You can group your messages by subject
o You get the option to filter your messages by label like unread” and :flagged”
o Using the Yandex.Chat IM with synchronized mobile device and chat history
o Managing your Yandex.Mail for domain mailboxes

Naver Main

You get notifications and it comes with an auto completion feature that helps in the process of creating mails quicker.
The features include:
o Checking mails quicker with new mail notifications and Widget functions. You can set your mails according to synchronization period.
o Get new mail notification setting
o Set default mailbox
o Compose mails with much more ease and convenience
o Manage mails with list editing
o Get wide view with landscape view
o Easy functions optimized for mobile platform


This is rated as the number 1 app for business travelers and road warriors. It helps you with your expense reports. You also can scan reports, log purchases and expenses. For purchases made with cash or those that are not eligible for eReceipts, you can use your Android into a receipt scanner by taking a picture of the receipt. This app scans the image and pulls out the merchant, date and amount of transaction. This information is used to create a new cash expense or attach the receipt to its matching credit card purchase.
You can add this to any remaining mileage expense and get a completely documented view of all your spendings.

Now, whether it is replying to an urgent mail, checking a particular message or jotting down some important information, these Android email apps would truly aid the endeavor.

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