5 Principle of Web Design

When it comes to web design, there are many factors that you need to look at before going ahead and designing a website. Therefore, the question is which is the best way to start? Or on which perspective you should consider? Well, since you are not creating a website for yourself, then you must consider your visitors.
REMEMBER: usability and the utility and not the visual design will determine if you will succeed or not. Many people think that for you to succeed in web design, you must create a website that visually looks good and they forget the other aspects. It is true that visual design may help you attract visitors but it will not maintain them.

Therefore, for you to understand very well the principal of web design, you first have to understand how users interact with websites. The 5 principal of web design are:-

1. Understand your users

Many web designs go wrong on this point. They do not understand their users. If you want to design a website that will talk about farming, don’t include things like housing. What do users look into a website?
• They appreciate quality and credibility
• They do not red, they scan
• Website users are impatient and they look for instant information
• Web users want to have control

2. Use effective writing

As websites are different from print documents, it is always good to adjust the writing style a little to the way users like it and browsing preference. Avoid cute or clever names. In other words be creative. Example if you would like to create an account sign up here. This is better than “start now”.
Sometime it is better to use bold letters or italic where there is a keyword. This will make your users to stay on that website for long.

3. Don’t misuse their patience

It is obvious that web users are not patient. Therefore, do not miss use the little patience they have. In every project that you will be doing, you will be offering your visitors some services or tool. Therefore, try to keep your requirements to a minimal.
It is matter of the mind. The minimal action is required from your users to test a service, the more likely they are going to try.

4. Know how to focus your user’s attention to your work

As you know, websites provide both static and dynamic contents. Therefore, due to these reasons, some aspects provide more user interface than others. Like for example, images are eye catching than texts; whereas texts are more informative than images. Therefore it is good to know how to combine both of them.
However, when it comes to marketing videos are the most preferred to capture user’s attention.

5. Try to minimize features used

In modern designs, you will find designers using visual appealing like large buttons that comes with visual effects and others. This makes the designs to get cruised a lot. However, when it comes to designing these features are not bad but it is good to limit them a little.

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