Top 4 Tips for your Site’s Better Display and Usability on Mobile

Today, as we have observed that the trend of using internet on personal computers is now shifting to the smart phones and tablets. Smart phones like Blackberry, phone etc are normally being used to access the internet. As per some researches, above 5% of internet traffic comes from mobiles and tablets. A huge traffic on your websites can come from tablet or mobile devices. Therefore, your website must be a mobile-friendly to provide your visitors a most favorable experience on their smart phones. You are required to evaluate your website’s performance on a number of tablets and smart phones to make sure it works suitably. Here are some tips to assist you evade drawbacks and make better experience for mobile visitors or clients. The following are some ways that will help you achieve better functionality and display of your website on mobile devices.

Get Plug-in Installation for Mobile Devices

It simply converts a website into a mobile-friendly adaptation within few minutes. For this purpose, your site must support WordPress. WP Touch is suggested to be the best plug-in that you are able to easily modify as per your website. Such plug-in can be downloaded from the internet, entirely free of cost. But, just keep in mind to facilitate your customers or visitors to use both versions of your website.

Provide Effective Navigation Options

Be cautious about the navigation of website to provide good flexibility for customers and visitors. It is very important feature that you must keep in mind prior to creating a mobile-friendly version of website. Be certain about making of careful and elegant navigation choices. In addition, you should provide different and useful means to see the valuable data of your website.

Clear and Precise Content

You must create a high quality content that is easy to read for the visitors or clients on their tablets or mobile devices. You will lose traffic on your website if your visitors are unable to read or understand the content. You must choose a proper font for the content that readers can read without any difficulty.


Images are not preferred to use when creating a mobile friendly version of website. Because, images take sometime to load on mobiles and people today are impatient and restless and they don’t prefer to visit the website that contain a lot of images. So, it is better to use almost no image on your site. You can use just a few most required images.

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