5 Best PowerPoint Alternatives

PowerPoint isn’t accessible by everyone. Although PowerPoint is considered the standard for digital presentations, there are few better tools with more intuitive features. If you aren’t a professional presenter, it would pointless to spend hundreds of bucks on it.


I’ve compiled a list of PowerPoint Alternatives to help you choose a tool for your next presentation.

1. Prezi

Probably the most innovative and most spectacular in terms of designing and rendering a presentation. Each Prezi Presentation is crafted with perfection, it has an unparalleled ‘Zoom’ features.
That’s just one side of a coin. Prezi also has some disadvantages: Firstly, even if everything is done to simplify its grip, it is still not very easy to learn. It has a bit of learning curve. On the other hand, are made presentations to Flash format, which makes them inaccessible on mobile and iPad (but visible – without fluidity, Apple recently dropped out support for Flash).

2 SlideRocket

SlideRocket is a collaborative platform for presentations. It has intuitive interface, which focuses on productivity and is provided with libraries of reusable components. The integration of social networks, comments, and the ability to multitask make it stand out of the league. It has garnered a lot of social media attention within a short time frame
The application allows you to import slides directly from PowerPoint. On the other hand, unlike Prezi, SlideRocket doesn’t pose any problem to mobile users since HTML5 version provides access to presentations from mobile browsers.

3. 280Slides

280 slides is a web based application which means ‘there is no need to install any external software on your pc, just having an internet connection preferably broadband will do the job. It is still in beta stage and the developers officially announced various updates and bug-fixes in future.

280 Slides is accessible through Chrome Web Store as a browser extension. It offers pretty good features like grabbing pictures and documents while browsing the interwebs.

4. SlideShare

SlideShare has become and industry standard for web presentations. Although it isn’t a presentation designing tool, it makes the best platform for slideshows. You can directly share the presentations with your friends or embed them on your blog.

5. Powtoon

Recently discovered thanks to the indispensable Techcrunch , I immediately fell in love with this tool as it was able to answer some of my desires. To create animations filmed (like motion or stop-motion, you know the little video that goes on any squeeze page or a business meeting to explain it’s product), and propose a grip quickly and easily.

PowToon takes a leap forward and adds a whole new meaning to animations and transitions in Presentations.

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