Top Backup Apps for iPhone

Apple iTunes software is providing many backup and restore applications which keep the data of the iPhone users safe and secure and thus the users are assured for no worries for their important information even if their iPhone gets lost or gets damages.
So, the people using Apple iPhones, shall look upon the below backup apps of Apple, which will help them to save their data. The data can be restored on their iPhone at any time, when the users need it.
The famous backup apps of Apple brand are as follows:


This is the most used backup application. It enables the users to save their necessary important information on a remote server. The users can also then access that remote server from their iPhone or other devices like iPad, iPod or Mac which uses the iOS operating system. The application is absolutely free. One can also store the music on the iCloud, if the space in his/her device becomes full. iCloud also helps the users to find their stolen Apple device and thus one can trace his/her stolen device using iCloud.


DropBox is one more iPhone backup application which saves the users’ documents and the media files. The files, media files and the necessary files are saved on the Dropbox website as a backup, which can thus be accessed from any iOS based device and then restored. The unique feature of DropBox app is that the users can also save the attachments of an email to DropBox despite of saving them on the respective Apple product. There is an offline accessible option for which you will have to save the file into the Favorites option.


SkyDrive is another bbackup application that keeps the required data of the users and then gives an option of restore the data on the iOS based devices. It also enables the users to browse the recent documents. The shared files can also be accessed through this app. Moreover, the users are enabled to upload multiple pictures and videos without uploading them individually every time.


SugarSync is another application that uses the cloud for the storage of the necessary data and media files, like iCloud application. It provides additional storage capacity to the storage capacity of the Apple device. The major advantage of this application is that the users can use the other applications on the same time when the music streaming also places simultaneously on SugarSync app. This application enables the users to share, move or delete files of computer directly from your iPhone, iPod or iPad.


Mozy is an application which helps the users to access the data on their PC directly from their iPhone. This app’s major advantage is that it provides additional help to the users for the security options such as data encryption.

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