5 Best Open Source Code Editors for Developers

Open source applications are applications that are available in source code form, such open source software are reserved for copyright holders and provided under an open source license that enables users to study, change and improve that particular application. We have collected 5 Best Open Source Code Editors for developers, we hope you find following editors handy for your development tasks.

1. SVG-Edit : Graphics Editor

SVG-edit is an open source and web-based vector graphics editor application that is built with JavaScript. Every image drawn generates a SVG output which makes integrating SVG-edit into any application & displaying the results easier. The application is very handy for anyone who is looking for a customizable solution to enable users draw online where the output can be saved.

2. Codiad : Web Based IDE for Coding Remotely

Codiad is an open source web-based IDE application which helps developers to easily write and edit code online. The application is built with PHP and doesn’t require a SQL database but stores the data in JSON formatted PHP files. Codiad can exceptionally handle multiple projects with a single installation and any number of users can login to the application.

3. Ecoder : Open Source Web-Based Code Editor

ecoder is a simple open source web-based code editor built with PHP & JavaScript. It provides real-time colour syntax highlighting, and allows multiple documents editing online at the same time. The application contains a file browser and file uploader. Multiple files, while being edited, can be browsed within tabs and saved easily.

4. Xinha : Open Source Online HTML Editor

Xinha is a powerful open source HTML (WYSIWYG) editor. It is a community-built script presenting various options for max. customization. It is possible to configure which features/menus to be displayed, whether coding inside will be permitted or not & almost anything that may be needed.

5. OpenWYSIWYG Editor

OpenWYSIWYG is an open source application, meaning you’ll have access to the full source code to modify or customize it to your needs. It provides features like Loads extremely fast, Completely written in JavaScript and DHTML. No server side code (like PHP) required!, easily view HTML source code and make “in code” adjustments, manage documents similar to Word. Bold, italicize, change the color of your text, and more.

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  1. Umm… why would you recommend OpenWYSIWYG Editor? It doesn’t look like it’s been updated since 2006, and it doesn’t work in any current browsers. Like… none. Do you actually test this before recommending it?

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