How to Promote Your Blog Using Social Networking

Blogging is one of the easiest ways for high rankings in the search engines. If you can choose a popular topic that fascinates you and then write about it, you can get a large number of readers.
The problem is that many bloggers rely on search engines as the main source of traffic. If you write on a subject which is quite competitive, it makes very difficult to get your blog to rank high, and you will not get many visitors, much less find readers who may be looking for you write about.


So, to get more traffic to your blog, you need to find other ways to promote. An easy way to do this is with social networking sites. The advantage of using a social networking site is that you have many options when promoting.
Your first step in promoting a social networking site is to make sure that you add a link to your blog in your profile. This publicize that you have a blog, and they can decide whether to click on your blog and read it or not.
If you do not have a blog, then you can use the blog available on the social networking site, if one is offered. This will allow readers to read your content. You can post your comment about the products, articles, tutorials, and even videos or audios that you found on your topic. The only drawback I see here is that even after your blog posts publicize on these sites, it will not be picked up by search engines, so it is better to have an external blog, then cross incorporate some of your entries in social networking site. In addition, you need to be careful to make your content too commercial. Otherwise, you may be banned from the site.
If the social networking site allows you to add RSS feeds, then you must add your blog RSS feeds to your profile. This saves you the time to post blog
entries to your profile, such as your blog entries will be automatically displayed on your profile.
I like to use RSS feeds for me because it allows me to create a profile which is constantly updated with new content for my readers and visitors. Another advantage here to using RSS feeds is that readers will click on your blog to read the entire post. If you offer an email subscription, then it gives you another opportunity to get the reader to subscribe to your blog.
If the site offers forums and groups, be sure to add a link to your profile in your signature file. You just need to know a bit of HTML code to link your site unless the publisher provides the code for you. Again, avoid being too commercial. Your goal is to get others to click on your link to your blog and to register, not to sell something.
Finally, many of these sites have private messaging and newsletters, you can send. When sending private messages, you do not want to spam or just a person trying to sell something. Make sure that you are friends first. Through newsletters, try writing a catchy headline and make your newsletter interesting news. You want to use a soft sell. Do not make others feel like they are sold.

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