5 Business Apps a Businessman Should Have on His Smartphone

Many people who are and can be referred to as novice in the technological area and department would usually say that apps can only be used by people who their area of specification is technology. On the other hand this can be called blasphemy. What do I mean? I mean businessmen who are either related or not related to the technological niche can use and have access to this apps which are created to help them get the best of their business. However, some of these apps will be reviewed in this post and it will by all means correct all the blasphemy report you might have read. Moreover, the posts down here are general posts on apps which will not only prove these people’s report as blasphemy but will also tell you that they can be used on smart phones to help businessmen and also reduce the weight of activities carried out on the computer system.


Evernote as in relation to business and businessmen is a tech related app which helps and enables full scale and technology related businessmen to organize, jot and do related works that can be carried out on this app. There are lots of business acts that can be carried out on this simple app. Different activities that can be carried out on this app include, jotting, voice recording and image saving. In other words, Evernote is a jotting or memo application which includes other special functions such as saving audio notes, saving uploaded images and can also carry out the activity of online synchronization of saved datas. Evernote therefore helps businessmen to save notes which at the moment, due to other activities cannot be saved. This evernote therefore can replace many programs carried out on a computer and therefore helping businessmen reduce the load weight they hang on themselves and their computer system.


The Facebook app is another app which will help perform daily duties with ease. As it is widely known to everyone that Facebook is currently the most used app, this app will help to serve the purpose of more than a million users who want this app. The Facebook app is another way by which business men can contact their customers, this app will be one of the best if not the best because currently, the number of users on Facebook have totaled to a billion. This hereby can help business men mainly to get their business brought forward to those who will buy it.
Now with the help of this app, customers who do not have a computer can connect with you and you can also connect with them without any stress on your iPhone 5.

Gmail for iPhone:

As Gmail happens to be the most widely used messaging network on the internet, business men who know that their customers are mainly online based will be very glad to be able to connect with them with ease. Then, I will like to tell you that the ease you need is right here as this honorable application installed in the iPhone 5 will help you connect your customers on Gmail with absolute ease and speed. However, there is a limit to how Gmail can be used by business men and for business actions as you will be required to pay a particular amount to be able to continue your transactions on Gmail if you consume a specific amount of data and space given by the Gmail team.


Keynote as an application installed in the new iPhone series which happens to be the iPhone 5 is an app which is used by necessary users to create different important presentations attached with themes which are elegantly and superbly created for special beautification and design. It can also create these presentations with different custom styles and animated 3D charts.Nowin regards to business, you can use this app to create special presentations with special designs to soot your comfort.


With this app, you can get latest and recent podcasts. The podcasts however, might be a video podcast or an audio podcast. To enjoy this access, you will first of all have to get this app after which you will subscribe to get latest podcasts which you can listen to and also watch with ease on this app. However, with this app you can create podcast of and which advertise your business to others in the iPhone network and elsewhere.

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