Top 5 Things Missing from iPhone 5

Whenever a new phone creates ripples in the market, it is almost expected that critics will be falling over one another to point out flaws, however small. The same is happening with iPhone 5. Now the expectant consumers are splitting hair over which features were expected in iPhone 5 but were not incorporated by Apple. Here are five such features that we would have loved on our iPhone 5.

NFC capability

Near Field Communication (NFC) enables a phone to make wireless e-payments. Data transmission occurs with greater ease via NFC and a lot of other companies have been providing their users with such luxury. As most of iPhone’s contenders have fully functional NFC capabilities, it was expected that iPhone too will have the integration. However, Apple’s vice president (sales) claims that Apple’s new Passbook function works better. There isn’t any definite standard for e-payments and Google is also showing interest in e-payments, so the next-generation products may have some kind of payment solution.

Higher storage capacity

iPhone 4S gave its customers a happy surprise when it introduced a 64GB model. 64 GB of internal memory is sufficient for regular users. It seems a little ambitious to ask a phone to go further, but some consumers have been expecting iPhone 5 to top the 4S model and bring a 128GB model to the fore. Alas, such ambitions have been nipped in the bud as Apple is releasing only 64GB iPhone 5’s.

Biometric security

iPhone 4S’s big surprise was Siri- the one of a kind digital personal assistant that ran on voice recognition. This time around, consumers and critics were expecting some sort of biometric security. Maybe fingerprint recognition for phone lock, or retina scan even (our imagination and demand from technology knows no bounds).

Built-in inductive charging

To charge your iPhone 5 by wireless induction, you need to buy charging case and charging mat. That may be wireless, but it still involves a charging sleeve instead of an inductive chip embedded inside the device, which would have allowed you to charge the device using only the mat. Nokia Lumia 920 will have inductive chips embedded in it, so this may be a missed opportunity on iPhone’s part.

Good Battery life

Although it is a tall ask for a Smartphone with a much faster processor and graphics chip than the rest, many were hoping that Apple would grant the phone a radical battery that would make a statement to the Smartphone world. However, iPhone 5’s battery life appears to be only marginally better than 4S’s.
It is obvious that these kinds of superfluous features are not by any means necessary. But since iPhone is a gadget that reaches far beyond the necessary and captures the novel, such features could have definitely given it new dimensions.

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