Top 5 PC Games of 2012

Probably, graphics is the only department that is growing exponentially year after year. High end graphics games are the rage now. Most of the top game making companies and game console companies are cashing in tremendous amount of money due to the fact that gamers are crazy enough to pay any amount for their favorite game. PC games have always been interesting but year 2012 brings a new horizon of some of the best pc games which you would like to thrill yourself with. We, as an honest blogger, would like to help you out to cut the cost down by providing top notch games that are not only noteworthy but worth spending every dime. Some of the mindboggling releases of this year are presented below:

The games are in no particular order of popularity. However, all the titles are guarantee to make your day, and you will find yourself spending a whole month behind the close door, playing this game with other gamer friends.

StarCraft II: The Heart of the Swarm

StarCraft II has fascinated PC gamers worldwide with its predecessor Wings of Liberty. Now it is back with The Heart of the Swarm which takes on from the juncture where Wings of Liberty ended, carrying forward Kerrigan’s story along with Zerg faction. It comes as the second chapter of the StarCraft II trilogy. With addition of new units and ripping off some old ones, it promises to bring forth modified armies of Terran, Zerg and Protoss. Gameplay would surround almost 20 missions.

Torchlight 2

This is yet another much awaited action game that vouches to be tougher this time than its previous one. With this role-playing game, gamers are waiting to experience the mystery in the dungeons, combat with the monsters but with an extended campaign coupled with overland locations and multiplayer options. You will get the freedom to personalize your look as you wish.

Risen 2: Dark Waters

Having released in April for computers, this game has a fantasy theme with single player role-playing option. Though it doesn’t allow you to alter the character’s physical attributes, but skills and attires can be changed. Set in the Caribbean, it has plenty of caves, jungles and tribal locales. The game starts off from a point when massive destruction is done to the world by the titans. It calls for a long session, fraught with expensive fights and unexplored locales.

Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect has offered undeniable sci-fi experience to the gamers in the past. With its fresh release it is set to take the gamers through the combats on earth. If you have dealt with the previous games, gameplay of the 3rd chapter of the series would be based on the decisions of its precursors. It has AI which will challenge the playersand with a multiplayer co-op mode it has only upgraded itself. In this game, you will encounter Cerberus mechs measuring 4.6 meter, instead of individuals. The plot will take on from the moment when Commander Shepard is detained.

Borderlands 2

After the critically applauded 1st part, here comes the next, Borderlands 2, a shooter role-playing pc game. It carries forward its gameplay with the elements from Borderlands. It opens after five years of Borderlands events and the player must capture the ‘loot’ in a do-or die situation. Handsome Jack had led him to it for amusement but now his position is threatened. Gradually the gameplay proceeds with more interesting stuffs which the players would love to experience.
The choice of 5 latest games and plenty of new stuff to enjoy leaves no room for disappointment if all you have been waiting for is such assortment. 2012 surely aims to take pc gamingexperience to a new level.


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