8 Important Things About Windows 8

Launched on 1st august 2012, a new reinvention of Microsoft’s new Windows-Windows 8 operating system is now available for download on PC’s, laptops and touch screen tablets. Windows 8 came officially into use on 26th October with its three different versions that are Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT. Windows 8 is beautiful, exciting and has lot to offer including a beautiful new user interface and variety of full-screen applications.


Start Screen

The major change you’ll find in your new PC is that the Start screen has replaced Start menu. When you boot your system with Windows 8 operating system, you’ll notice a sea of colourful live tiles that displays your photos, calendar, clock, Facebook updates, breaking news, emails and much more.
Whenever you install a new application, a tile will appear on the Start screen. You can pin you favourite application tile and also rearrange the tiles according to preferences. New applications like search, restart, sleep or power system are in a hidden panel that slides out from right side of the screen.
The Start screen is beautiful bringing together your sites, apps and everything you care right on the Start Screen.

Windows Store

All the latest apps for Windows 8 are available on windows store. The Windows Store gives users a simple and secure way of downloading apps that have passed stringent certification from Microsoft itself.


Once you launch an charms application, you can swipe right edge of the screen if you are using a touchscreen or hover the cursor in the upper-right corner to bring up the charms, a set of short cuts, including Windows button to get back to start screen. The top and bottom corner bring up the charms on right and the bottom left brings up a shortcut to the start menu. Moving your mouse cursor into the right screen corners bring up a bar of “charms”.

Cloud Syncing

Window Live’s Cloud Syncing helps you sync your profile picture, contacts, calendar, and even data within third part apps with Windows Live. You can also sign in to Facebook and Twitter accounts and have Windows 8 pull in information from your friends and received notifications whenever someone mentions you or tags you in a photo.
Windows 8 includes SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage solution used to seamlessly access and work on your files from your Windows apps, as well as from your other devices.

Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant Tool

Microsoft offers a free tool that will scan your system and warn you if your old Windows program won’t work under Windows 8.

Use Windows 8 without Touch Screen

Although the new made-for-windows apps have been designed for touchscreen tablets and PCs, you can use them with your traditional mouse and keyboard. All little tiles on the screen can be clicked with the mouse as well as tapped with a fingertip.

Upgrading Windows 8 is easy:
If your PC is running an authorized version of windows, you can download and install Windows 8 Pro without any lag. You can download Windows8 from web and the entire process takes almost two hours to complete the whole process.
Improved Boot up speed:
The load and boot up speed has improved in this latest version ie Windows8 than its previous version of Windows. When it compare to Windows 7 desktop CPU, Windows 8 has faster boot time to start up windows quickly.

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  1. Hi,

    Well windows 8 is an awesome innovative release from microsoft which has awesome features. Yeah screen is so amazing and beautiful it looks like a touch screen. However their is an addition of many apps when compared to windows 7.

    thanks for awesome share.

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