Best phones to play slots

Next to sports betting at exchanges like Betfair, the most popular form of mobile gaming is playing slots, which are also available at Slots tend to be graphics intensive, and so the best phones to play it on are the iPhone and Android phones with large displays. It is possible to play some games on Blackberry phones, but RIM is no longer developing Blackberry phones for the average consumer; they are mostly targeted at businesses.

Now you don’t need a phone with a massive display and super-high definition in order to play slots, you can get away with playing on a relatively cheap phone with a smallish display, but it is just a little awkward to play because there is not really enough real estate for the virtual buttons and if you have anything other than super slender fingers you will occasionally hit the wrong button.

So, if you are serious about playing slots on your phone you should consider investing in one of the phones mentioned in the first paragraph.

It is impossible to say which the best phone for slots is. The iPhone 5 or Android phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S3. In terms of the game-play there really is nothing to choose, so it all comes down to the display. Despite Apples recent upgrade the iPhone 5 doesn’t come close to the latest Android phones, in terms of display size and resolution, but in terms of brightness it is considerably better. Because of a number of technical issues it is not possible to make the AMOLED displays used on the Android phones as bright as the LED display on the iPhone.

This means that if you are playing slots in bright sunshine you would be better off with the iPhone 5. However AMOLED displays have a better contrast ration, which means that images look much punchier, so if you are playing slots in dimly lit places you would be better off with an Android AMOLED phone.

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