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Registry is a database that stores all configuration settings and changes done on Windows Operating system. It has two components: key and values. Keys act like folders, while values are data stored within keys. Each key can contain subkeys and further subkeys. Thus with every change a lot of data is stored in computer according to keys and values. It also contains individual setting for each user. If you attempt to clean the registry and accidentally delete other important registry, the OS might crash. Thus before making any changes it is essential to take a back-up of the registry.

Although the system registry acts like a backup and in case system crashes, the registry will swing the machine back in the previous shape, they can be a little disadvantageous as well. Because of redundant information storage, it can make the machine very slow and almost unbootable. Thus some software has been installed to clean these repetitive items and make the machine fast. Though Microsoft is not fond of registry cleaner, third party software are available which can be installed. Some of such software are:


The most common and easy to use utility found on internet. This will clean up all the browsing history and temporary files stored in the hard disc. It automatically prompts for taking the backup of the registry before cleaning it. In any case it is a mid-level cleaner, thus chances of going deep and crashing your system is negligible.

Wise Registry Cleaner Free

This has a unique feature of restoring back to original registry without taking any sort of backup. Just click on the button and lo, you would revert back to old registry. With this you can also do registry defragmentation, scheduling of tasks and free technical support for any kind of queries. It has option for editing any particular entry by just clicking it.

AML Registry Cleaner

It is powerful software to clean up registry. You can see all start-up applications and perform key word search to delete any registry. It will clean lot more number of keys than any other cleaner. This software can break down the machine, so be sure to keep a back-up of registry.

Easy Cleaner

It is just like CCleaner, with added features like cleaning temporary or duplicate files and useless backup files. The best feature is it uses up-to-date text file with registry keys that should never be deleted or modified.

Advanced SystemCare Free

it is a product from IObit to clean up registry. With an excellent interface, it is very simple to use by a common man. It can also remove malwares, remove junk files and other such work.


It is also one of the quality software which can clean registry for startup application, installed software, browsing history or favorites. You can modify any particular registry and even delete it.

Erunt 1.1

This is one of the best registry cleaner for XP with backup and editing features. This is one the highest rated software and chances of ruining your computer are almost nil.

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