Microsoft Xbox 720: Is It Going To Be A Revolution In The Gaming World?

The Fun and excitement of Xbox 360 gaming console has not yet finished, however the rumours about the arrival of new Xbox 720 gaming console are on the peak. No doubt the gaming experience offered by the Xbox 360 was absolutely sensational. This was the reason that Xbox 360 didn’t only exhilarate the existing online gamers but also attracted those who were the opponents of video gaming.

For sure Xbox 360 was a big revolution in the video gaming however the gaming world is waiting for yet another revolution. I suppose this is going to be the biggest gaming advancement of all time. In light of the recent news and information leaks from Microsoft regarding Xbox 720, let us explore the expected features, price and the release date of Microsoft Xbox 720 gaming console.

Immerser Display Environment

This is predicted to be a wonderful feature of the upcoming Xbox 720 gaming console. Some experts are expressing it as an environmental display feature, which will allow gamers to enjoy the inside environment of the games on the walls of their gaming room. I can bet you that with this feature you will find yourself as the heroic character of the game because you will be moving, fighting and kicking in the immerser 3D gaming environment.

Kinect 2

It is expected that Kinect 2 will be released with the launch of Xbox 720 console. Upcoming Kinnect 2 would have improved RGB camera with better stereo imagining and voice quality. It is likely that with Xbox 720 you will enable to play with three online players at a time.

Blue-ray and DVD

Microsoft always attempts to enrich the latest version of their devices with the higher and higher processing and strong capabilities. According to the leaked patent the Xbox 720 will have Blu-ray and DVD storage features. It means that with new Xbox 720 you will be able to save more than 50 GB of data.

Six time more Faster Speed

New generation Xbox 720 will have six time faster speed then the 360 Xbox gaming console. Moreover it is projected that the speed of upcoming Xbox gaming console will be even greater then Wii U. This means that now the gamers will be able to enjoy their favourite game in much better response time.

Size, resolution and Cable TV

It is rumoured that new Xbox 720 will be much smaller than the current Xbox 320. Moreover this upcoming console is expected to have enhanced picture quality with the 1080p display standard. It is found that Microsoft Xbox 720 will work as gaming console as well as Standard cable TV.

When Xbox 720 is going to Launch?

There are different rumours about the release of new generation Xbox 720. Some people suggest that it is going to launch in the March 2013. While some other people are saying that its release might be delayed to 2014. Therefore it is quite difficult to say anything about the actual release of Xbox 720. However I project that Microsoft might release Xbox 720 in December 2013 as a Christmas gift. Cheers!

Expect Price?

If you have purchased Xbox 360 console for around $300, so you would be expecting the price of enhanced featured Xbox 720 to be much higher this. But amazingly the prices rumoured around $299. Moreover it is expected that customers will able to get the competition advantage due to the anticipated release of Xbox 720 and PS 4 at the same time.

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