Tips to Great Brochure Copywriting

Your company Brochure is the story teller, who tells the tale of your company to everyone who reads it. It is the first most crucial step which your potential customers take to finally reach you. And if you are able to persuade them to contact you, your brochure has done its job. An effective brochure should be easy to read than ignore. Brochure copywriting is an art which needs some creative talent. Here are few tips to great Brochure copywriting. Learn the following 5 brochure design strategy to motivate customers and get better results.

Target audience and purpose

  • Before you start writing a copy make sure who is your target audiences, the literacy level, demand trends etc. will have a great impact on the brochure copywriting. Never forget the purpose of the brochure, like if it will work as a lead-generator or it will be for sale closing. As the purpose will decide the design, information and language used to create the brochure.
  • During the whole process of brochure copywriting, it is the customer who should always be on your mind even before the product. Never forget, brochure is a sale oriented document; its only purpose is to increase the sales figures.

The four integral parts – what, how, why and call to action.

  • What – It specifies the features and the benefits which a customer will avail once he starts using the service or product mentioned. Customers always think about “What’s in it for me?” hence if your brochure doesn’t answer this, you are more likely to get ignored.
  • How – It explains the working process of the product or service. It should be always few steps and easy process.
  • Why – It provides the reason behind the product or service. It persuades a customer about the importance of the product/service.
  • Call to action – Here you want potential customers to contact you so that you can explain all those benefits of services/products in detail, to which they were just introduced. Your contact information i.e. your phone number, website address, Facebook page, twitter address etc. should be mentioned at the last page. End with a bang!


  • Here you highlight the tagline for your product/service.
  • The font, color and style should be attention seeking and should force even an onlooker to go and grab the brochure.
  • Don’t give lot of information on cover, it will be too boring. Instead the cover should be image intensive which should intrigue the reader enough, to read upon further.


  • Information provided in a brochure must be crisp and clear. Don’t forget to check your final copy specially when you are sending it to 48 hour print company for printing of brochures.
  • Language used in the brochure must be simple yet effective.
  • Don’t overdo it – Nobody wants to read lot of text so make sure your brochure should contain as less text as you can manage.
  • Highlight what you want you audiences to remember.
  • Positive writing with power words – Optimism sells! Always use positive and optimistic language to keep your audiences in high spirits. Use power words like “proven”, successful, achieve etc. which will keep your readers motivated.
  • Cut short long sentences.
  • Use bullets instead of paragraphs.
  • Images in between paragraphs will keep your reader interested and busy.
  • Use headings and subheadings to grab early attention to important points.
  • Writing style – Use familiar conversational style where audiences feel as if you are talking to them directly.
  • Price list – It is a good idea to provide prices of the service/product if your prices are fixed, as it may help move the reader toward a sale. But if your brochure is lead-generator or your sales process is complex, try to avoid it.


  • Talk benefits, not features – don’t just tell, sell. Instead of telling what you can do, explain, what is there for your customers in what you do?
  • Tell success stories – People responds to story very well. Mention few stories on how your product/service has solved someone’s problem. It will trigger the emotion and imagination in your customers.
  • Build rapport to convince – show your customers that you understand their problems and you are there to solve it for them, build rapport and then sell.

Finally, during the whole brochure copy-writing process, consider your brochure as a valuable sales tool and not as something to look pretty on a coffee table or a rack.

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