5 Best Android Games for Gaming Freaks

The world of Android is truly one of the most fascinating technologies on the market at the moment. With innumerable applications to ease and entertain both adults and children. The android market has attracted its share of followers during a very short period of time. iOS is offering a home to a wide range of newly-released action games for the iPhone; however, Android users also have a great range of games to play on their phones, most of which can be downloaded from the Android market store and offer the very best in mobile gaming.
If you are big fan of Mario games, then you should definitely try the family friendly game Mariokart from Tesco.
Below we are listing some of the best Android games to keep your angst ridden teens entertained during the hot days of summer, while helping parents maintain their sanity.

1. Angry Birds

This game is extremely popular amongst kids and adults alike. It is loved by all due to its challenging game structure and also because of its lovable graphics.

2. Fifa 12

FIFA 12 is one of the bestselling Android games. This game features vibrant graphics .There are real players , real leagues and real team in this game, There are 22 official leagues , more than 500 licenses team with 15000 plus players. To allow you to capture the madness of the most popular sports of the world. With the new control schemes and a realistic 360° movement of the player and gesture handling skills these games can fill anyone with thrills.

3. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is a very ‘juicy’ action game offering plenty of fruit splatting, squashing and general carnage. The player is the bringer of tasty, sugar-filled destruction with each fruity splash! The game features three gaming modes, each packed with features. These are Zen, Classic and the brand-new Arcade mode, which features a range of power-ups including Frenzy, Freeze and Double Score.

4. Age of Zombies

Age of Zombies is ideal for those who love shooting at evil zombies! It’s quite the adventure game, full of fun, big guns, the walking dead and a zombie dinosaur! Meanwhile, the legendary classic, Angry Birds, has released its Space version to great excitement. After a giant and terrifying claw steals the birds’ eggs, they pursue it into a space wormhole and end up been transported to a mysterious new galaxy that is full of fiendish space pigs! This is a challenging game based on physics that offers hours of fun for gamer.

5. Granny Smith

Granny Smith is a game from the makers of Sprinkle. Here one has to catch the apple thief.This game has already won many award. Granny Smith has an apple garden but a thief is steals her apples. The player has to help Mrs. Smith to get the apples .This game has some amazing stunts and spectacular crashes. There are 36 levels where one can swing and smash themselves, but make sure you land on your feet. This game has dazzling visuals and intuitive control.

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