6 Tips For Tri-fold Brochure Design

Brochure, as you know is the first interaction you do with your potential clients. So it is needless to mention separately that it has to be unique and impactful. There are several types which you will see in the market and plenty of those which you would like to consider for your company’s brochure. Here I have selected one such popular and effective one; the tri fold brochure which is actually as bi-fold tri-panel brochure. Generally it gets constructed by folding 8 ½ X 11 sheet of paper twice to create 3 panels on each side. Here are some tips to tri fold brochure design at your disposal.

Set Margins

Setting the margins right is important. Make sure you set the margins that are between panels are twice as wide as outer margins. This will ensure equal left and right margins on each panel when your brochure will be folded.

Use Template for design

If you are designing the brochure yourself or some professional designer service is doing it for you, seeking a template is always a good idea. Generally the inside flap is designed to be slightly smaller than the outer one. This will make the open and fold neat. Although this can be taken care even without a template but working on a template will make you less prone to mistakes, which otherwise can be done. This tip is important also when you send your artwork to printer for brochure printing.

Take care of visibility and order of the content

Like a story, the flow of content in your brochure is also important. But in a tri fold brochure unlike a story, you have some specific panels/areas relatively more exposed. So keeping the flow of information in logical order should also be accompanied by showcasing your priority information at most visible area. As for a tri fold both the front outer flap and back panel are visible without opening a brochure so the outer flap should contain your tagline for sure. The inner flap or the far right panel will come last and there are chances that it may get over looked so it is important to note that you don’t put your most crucial message at this location.

Print Mock

Also take a print of full size mock to review before final print. Now fold it and get the idea of the final outcome. Now you can review he panel order and spacing which is very important for a tri fold brochure.

Inside panel

Once you have designed your outer panel and compelled your reader enough to open the tri fold, it becomes important that the flow and arrangement of the content inside maintains that enthusiasm. For a small tri fold brochure, space can be a constraint so a wise use of it is mandatory. You have 3 panels inside and starting with the left most provide the information about the purpose of your company and how reader is missing something, if not choosing your services. Then keeping your content brief and crisp, mention your top most three or four product and services. I know you love all of them but to convince the audiences to buy those from you, please kill that craving to include everything. Always remember, customers have plenty of choices in the market and hence your content should be compelling enough for them to go with you, instead of your competitors. Use bullets, headings, sub headings, boxes and colour to highlight what you feel should not be neglected.

Contact information should be easily traceable

As soon as your reader gets carried away with your selling skills, he/she would like to contact you. Hence it is very important that your website address for details, your contact number, faxes etc. is in right place and are easily located.

Well, these are few tips to tri fold brochure design which you can use while designing one. You can also use these tips when you are going for postcard printing. Apart from that I always say; innovation is the key to success anywhere and everywhere. Hence there are no restrictions, no boundaries actually for your brochure. Take little risks (if you can afford) while designing and you can hit the jackpot. Allow Bleeding, increase the size of the brochure, experiment with colours or whatever you can think of, just go and play.

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