Easy on the Eyes – Tech-Friendly Tips to Protect Your Vision

Life facing the screen of your computer, television, Smart Phone, iPad and other digital devices can certainly impact the quality of your eyesight. As more time than ever before is devoted to tech devices both on the job and at home, the need to protect your vision is essential. Consider the following tips to help avoid eye strain or damaging your eye sight beyond repair.


Twenty Minute Limit

It may seem like twenty minutes is up in the blink of an eye, but in all actuality, twenty minutes of staring at an iPhone, iPod, or iPad (or similar devices) is about all your eyes can handle in a single stretch. It’s essential to remove your eyes from these gadgets every twenty minutes and allow them to look out the window, down the hall, or even around the room. A new medical app has been created to remind you when it’s time to give your eyes a quick break; the Eye-Care Save Your Vision App sends an alert when it’s time to rest your eyes and give them their much-needed technology break. A twenty second interval is an easy rule of thumb for vision breaks.

You Don’t Have to Cry—Just Blink!

Intense work in front of a computer often means you don’t blink as much as you need to in order to provide your eyes the moisture they need. Too much staring at any technical gadget can lead to dry, irritated eyes. People who wear contacts are especially vulnerable to dry eyes. You can keep your eyes moist by remembering to blink frequently. You may also want to keep a bottle of clear eye drops in your desk drawer in case your eyes incur an uncomfortable dry spell.

Distance and Light Considerations

One of the best ways to protect your eyes from computer hazards is to keep the distance between the screen and your eyes to about 60 centimeters. You should also look down at the screen instead of upwards, so a tilt of about 15 centimeters lower than your eyesight is recommended as well. When distance and angle recommendations are respected, you’ll find that your eyes are less prone to strain or less likely to get tired quickly. Lighting is also important; be sure to avoid glares and use a small table lamp if overhead lighting is not enough to illuminate your workspace with the ambient lighting your eyes need.

Eye-Friendly Snacks

A bowl of carrot sticks while working on a computer or texting on a Smart Phone is an easy way to incorporate the nutrients your eyes need into your diet. Other foods with vitamin A are particularly important to eye health, so consider snacking on foods like cereals, watermelon, and mangoes while you work.


On average, studies suggest that people in advanced societies spend upwards of three hours using technical devices like computers each day. People who work in the technology sector or who rely on technical gadgetry throughout the day must take great care to protect their vision from the everyday strains and pains that can occur. Protect your eyesight with these simple tips and ensure a brighter future for your eyes.

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