12 GPS Android Apps

There are a lot of different apps in the android market that are related to GPS. GPS is one of the most used apps because it aids in efficient and easy navigation from one place to another. A lot of people rely on such apps these days as it helps them in being confident of reaching any place without troubles.



It is a navigation app that works perfectly fine on the android platform. It makes use of social networking as all the different users who are using the app keep positing continuous updates about directions, traffic and other details and thus you are likely to have accurate information about the best roads to take and the ones to avoid.


This app helps you get access to the nearby locations and places. When you are heading to a new place and you want to find out the nearest eat out joints or even theaters, it is this app that can come in handy.

Copilot live premium

It is a paid app but it is one of the best for those who require a lot of advanced features and functions. It has the facility of finding the best routes; advance searching, traffic monitoring and it can update maps as well.


It is another popular gps app in the market. You can download maps for the different states as and when you want. It has a lot of facilities like Google latitude, your last location, one touch emergency call apart from showing you the routes and roads.

Locus Pro

It is another efficient app or which you need to pay for getting its use. It works not just with Google maps but is compatible with open street maps as well. One can get access to a lot of different routes and thus you would be bale to reach your destination without any hassles whatsoever.

Topo maps

It is more than just another gps app. With this app, you can set your fitness goals and realize them as well. It helps you know the tracks you have covered, the miles you have walked and the calories that you have burnt as well.

Never late

It is one of the finest gps apps for those who have a tendency to procrastinate. This app notifies you of the time you need to leave in order to reach your destination timely. The calculation of time is not just based on the distance, but it takes into account the traffic conditions as well. Also, it has a lot of alternative routes which it suggests in order to reach the destination safely and timely.

GPS status and toolbox

It is one of those apps that will help you check out the raw and crude details of GPS. Thus, all those who are interested to get the dynamics of the system thoroughly can make use of this app. You would be loaded with a lot of valuable information which can then be put into the right use.

GPS tracking Pro

It is one of a kind gps app as it helps you in keeping track of your family. This application can come in handy when you need to monitor the presence of your child. The app will give you updates about where the child is heading and can also pop alerts when they enter certain places which you have labeled as forbidden or denied access.

My tracks

It is one of those apps that can help you share where you have been with your community. You can post direct messages about the amount of distance you have covered, the places you have been, the tracks that you loved and more.

GPS essentials

It is one of the most used apps of GPS in the android market. You can get all relevant information like the roads to use, the roads to avoid, the distance that you need to cover, alternative routes, your location and the place you are heading right at your fingertips. Along with it, it even shows supplementary information like latitude, longitude, sunrise, sunset time and so on.


It is a free app that is loaded with the right functions. Once you have downloaded the map, you can use it for detailed turn by turn directions to reach your destination. There are no hidden costs involved and you would be able to accomplish your task and reach the place with ease.

Thus, these are some of the best apps that are trending in the android market. Some of them are free, while a few require payments. So, you should study the details of the apps and the functions they provide and then make the final choice as to which app seems to be the best deal for you.

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