Tips to Use Your Smartphone Safely While Driving

Using smartphones or handsets while driving could be dangerous as it distracts driver to look ahead or keep focusing on road. So, as a driver it is safer for you to download and install some fixed dashboard drivers, which will help drivers not to look at their handsets. Smartphones helps to reduce the risk of accidents and distractions which happens due to frequent calls and make driving risky.
Smartphones applications enable several driving features, for instance users can use voice-activated dialing so that they don’t have to look on the dialing screen. Today mobile industry is more focused on the safety features, especially smartphones, which abides rules of traffic police, and thus facilitates you with downloading Bluetooth hands free kit.

•Texting is injurious and illegal: report says that drivers who text messages while driving, take their eyes off the road for 4.6 seconds with 6 seconds interval. This suggests that drivers are driving blindly 60kmph, which is around 75 meters. Thus, never text while driving.

• Concentrate on road: Mostly keeping eyes on road reduces the risks of accidents critically. Drivers must ensure that even if they are talking to someone, their concentration should be on road. Talking or listening to something could not be so dangerous, but taking your attention off from the road for dialing or answering to calls can be risky.

• Install or use cradle for your phone: the drivers should put their mobile phones in cradles affixed to the dashboards so that they have don’t have to glance down, and focus on the roads ahead. Drivers can also use a Bluetooth so that they don’t have use their handsets.

• Use smartphone’s features: there are a lot of features already installed in smartphones. You would get incredible features of voice-activated dialing and automatic answering features so that you keep your eyes focused on the road while receiving or making calls. Smartphones allows its customers to install app that limits a phone to calling and voice activation. Thus, by using this app, you can reduce your driving distractions.

• Don’t receive calls unnecessarily: make a point not to answer all calls. Of course! There are several smartphones app which allows you to use your phone without using your hands, but it is not necessary to use them always. Drivers must avoid calls in the busy traffic areas, as well the poor road or weather conditions. in the case of urgent calls, you can divert them to voicemail or automatic answering service.


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