How to Get More Followers on Pinterest

Pinterest was the social media innovation 2012 that took the attraction of large number of internet users. Pinterest is a completely new idea therefore the user base is expending day by day, with current statistics of more than 4 million daily visitors and over billion monthly page views. Moreover 10% of the Pinterest referral traffic is likely to buy something from the website – The ratio that is considered very high in social media.

Above stats are very significant from the point of view of website/blog’s owner. Therefore one cannot ignore Pinterest presence because it will mean losing opportunity to get more sales and leads, and allowing chance to the competitors. In this post we will show you some most simple & effective techniques of getting more followers on Pinterest that would help you to get maximum results out of Pinterest campaign.

Organize Pinterest Boards

First thing first, one someone lands on your Pinterest page so what he or she views are number of boards. It is from this point user decides to leave or enter into to the boards. So therefore it is crucial to offer 8-10 relevant & organized boards with the proper headings. Moreover the board cover of each Pinterest board should be the best photo of the lot.

Pin quality Photos

The quality matters on every platform no matter you have to publish posts on blog, upload videos on youtube or pin photos on Pinterest. While pinning photos you should remember the famous quote “A picture is worth of thousand words”. Therefore if photos are not appealing then you will lose your credibility and viceversa.

From analyzing the pin board of Pinterest accounts having highest number of followers it is clear that unique pins automatically drive people to follow and repin your photos. Therefore your first priority must be to produce original stuff. However in case your resources don’t allow you to do that then the photo collection should be worth watching to the followers. In case you copy photos from someone else so make sure that you give them fair credits.

Repin Good Stuff

If someone has good pins so don’t hesitate to repin them, even though they are your competitors because good work deserves appreciation. Remember that this appreciation or admiration will pay back you very soon, as people will also repin your good pins hence allowing their followers to become your followers.

Tag @ people and Make effective use of Hashtag #

Tag function (@) is powerful way to invite people to see your updates on all social media sites including Pinterest. Tag those people who are having boards with higher number of followers or those who have special interest in the specific topic. Don’t abuse this option by tagging people incessantly or tagging them to irrelevant stuff because this will annoy them and compel them to block you. Also make the proper use of Hashtag as it sends tons of traffic (potential followers) through search box.

Don’t forget to synchronize you’re a/c with Facebook & twitter

Sync is a great option as it helps you to reach the broad audience who are on other social media platforms. Pinterest synchronization enables your follower-ship on Facebook and twitter to visit your Pinterest a/c. As photos are attractive inherently, therefore people viewing your pins in shape of Facebook status or tweets will start following you on Pinterest.

Use “Follow me” Button

If you have blog; probably you have so add Pinterest follow me button on you blog. You can add follow me button on the side widget at the home page or you can add it with the individual posts. Both types of options are very much helpful as inspire blog visitors to follow you on Pinterest.


Above six tips are very simple and effective as many Pinterest accounts were able to drive hundreds and thousands of followers through this. However while applying all these techniques one should take care not to overuse anything (Pinning, tagging, repining etc) as it will encourage people to leave following you. Moreover before jumping into Pinterest one should analyze the potential for Pinterest for your blog or business. If your blog is about finance, insurance, tips or consultancy so applying these techniques will not helpful for you as Pinterest is not made for such niches.

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