Protecting Contact’s Conversation with Shady Contacts on Android

The rise of social networks, particularly Facebook, has made people a bit careless with their privacy. But when it comes to smartphones, consumers are as wary as ever. Many are still looking for apps that will help them keep their phones secure and their contact list unavailable to others, especially suspecting wives. Shady Contacts is one such app.

Shady Contacts is one of the most popular – and powerful — encryption apps available at the Google Play store. It allows the user to lock their messages, call logs, and contacts away from prying eyes. It’s simple to use and has a nice user interface that will charm even the technology challenged.

Here are some of the more notable features of Shady Contacts:
• Supports both passwords PIN and pattern lock features.
• Deletes hidden data completely after a certain number of attemps to login are made.
• Hides the app itself from the launcher. To launch the app you need to dial ***123456###.

Installation and setup of the app is very simple. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

• Download and install Shady Contacts from the Google Play Store.
• Launch the app and create a new password pattern or PIN. Make sure that the PIN is unique.
• Select the contact who you want your communications to be encrypted. You can select contact from phonebook or you can add new.

To add high level of security, keep the password of your smartphone and the app’s password completely different. Also delete the app’s shortcut from the launcher so that no one can find out about the app.

In case you delete the shortcut then you can dial ***123456### from the dialer to access the app. Make sure no one knows about it.


Shady Contacts is a pretty slick app to have on your smartphone if you’re serious about keeping your phone data secure. It’ll prevent scam artists from reaching out to your contacts should they happen to end up with your phone. And it will also help you keep your secret liaisons safe.

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