Website Information Architecture Plays A Crucial Role

The information architecture of a website describes its outline. If you do not have this outline then the website info would appear entirely shapeless. The role play of information architecture is crucial for any kind of website. It makes a user to access the content of a website using an intuitive style. It helps to explain the things specifically. It ensures that a website is serving its real purpose to cater information to users. This aspect of website design should never be ignored. If you underrate it then you will have to face undesirable results.

Website strategy

You need to devise a strategy for your website. For this you need to clearly analyze the objectives and vision of your website. Also focus on a way to match various content as well as business requirements.

Target audience

You need to plan your website according to the target user you want to focus on. You need to identify your target audience. For this you have to emphasize on – content relevancy to user, content considering different uncertainties in the future and the way by which content caters to target users.

What Are The Determinants Of Website Information Architecture

There are two determinants of website information architecture – content organization and navigational structure.

Content Organization

After identifying your target audience the next task is to organize the content of your website accordingly. Look at your websites like your prospects. Involve feel some difficulty level in this observance to understand in a better way what the prospects would searching over your site. Categorize and organize your website content in a meaningful and impressive way. Analyze how the target audience would envision your website. The general website categorization involves four prime areas – general areas, standard areas, top level areas and sub level areas.

Navigational Structure

The well-defined navigation would not let you get lost at the mid-way. It should remain consistent all over the web journey. This navigational structure must have the same flavor within the defined website levels.


A website should maintain consistency in all the aspects. All the website elements should be arranged properly without giving an out of shape impression with respect to each other. This also applies to content present onto web pages as well. The content posted onto web pages has a particular pattern. This pattern should be applied very strictly all over the website. In case you break this pattern sometime in between then there should be a solid reason behind it.

Website navigation

The global navigation is generally shown at the top of each web page. This ensures a smooth voyage for a visitor without getting lost somewhere in between. The local navigation shows as local test links present within content. It even shows in the form of sub menu present upon website sections. Mostly local navigations are displayed beneath global navigation links. The utility navigational links are generally shown at the header or the footer seen in a web page like search box, customer feedback, contact us etc.

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