Android Tablets or Windows Tablets: Which One to Buy?

It’s no longer a simple task to go an electronic store and buy a tablet in few minutes. With vast pool of options to choose the correct tablet, you might get lost easily. The basic and foremost question you need to ponder is which Operating System you are looking to buy? It could be an iOS, Android or Windows 8. No doubt iOS has ruled the world of tablet for past few years, but with Android and Windows option, its market is getting weaker. The major drawback with iOS is, it is not easy to personalize and may cost a fortune in comparison with other products of same category. Also, it may have huge collection of apps designed specifically for Apple but still some apps like Google Maps stand far more superior to its counterpart Apple Maps.

Once you have decided to look for Android or Windows, then you need to study their various aspect to choose the correct tablet. The latest Android OS, Jelly Bean, has got tremendous accolades from the users. It is as smooth as butter and very easy to use. The user interface is very attractive and not difficult to learn. It has amazing integration with Gmail, Google Maps and Gtalk. You can choose your own hardware manufacturer which has almost skinned the Android on their own tablets like Amazon Kindle Fire or Nook HD lines. Samsung Galaxy Note uses Android OS and has been selling like hot cakes. It has used Android and added its own features to attract customers. You can download application for Android Tablet using Goole Play. It has almost all the version of apps from iTunes and will fulfil all your luxuries on the tablet.

Microsoft launched Windows RT, a smaller version of Windows 8 especially for Mobile devices running on ARM processors. Its more recent product has been Surface, tablet running on Windows RT. Also Asus Slider and Transformer Series have gained popularity because they have full access to Microsoft Office. The rise in demand for Windows OS can be seen just by the fact that inspite of the fact that Microsoft hasn’t launched any App store, still it has five times more application than Android OS. Though, it still lacks apps for Google like Gmail, Google Plus or Google Drive. Windows tablet are best for people who need the tablet for their office work and need to use Microsoft Office constantly.

You should also look at the correct screen size to choose a perfect tablet. The size varies from 7 inch to 10 inch. The better the pixels for screen resolution, the better quality of image it will be. Thus, if you are looking for the tablet as an e-book, then go for a sharper resolution screen. Also, opt for a lighter weight tablet. This will make it easier to carry around and work while on the go. Opt for tablet with maximum storage memory or if you need then choose the one with USB port. This way you will not find your tablet running slow in few months. Few tablets have microSD card slot to increase the internal memory.

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