Android 4.2: A New Flavor of Jelly Bean

Latest technology has now gone a pretty much too ahead as the latest version of Android 4.2 also known as Jelly Bean has been launched. It takes the accuracy and the simplicity of android mobiles to a very much different level. It is very much unique and attracting with a beyond imagination camera experience, a new and typical layout of typing which helps you power through your message and many more.

Beautiful, Simple and Beyond Smart

-Widgets work like magic

With the Android Jelly bean mobile attraction has become more attractive and easier with such a huge screen almost all the apps take their suitable positions themselves. Seriously customizing the windows on the phone had never been as simple as that on this phone

-Share what’s on your phone on the big screen.

Due to its large screen it allows an exceptional set of entertainment watching videos , movies on YouTube and other social media sites & the most important thing not just watching movies but watching it in high definition HD is the most enjoyable part of Android phones.

-One tablet, many users

It’s really optimistic and very much owned a customized tablet. Android phones as especially this latest version of Android 4.2 is an all in one mobile phone as each and every one can make use of it for their particular jobs. Each and every one of the family member can have their own set of playlists of music, own home screen, latest enjoyable apps and games etc. The main feature of Android phones is the level of multitasking that it undertakes so there’s no need to log in and out and waste our time and theirs too.

-Fast and smooth

The latest version of Android phone is very efficient that when we observe it under a microscope it just makes us realize that how elastic fast and smoothness it functions. Loaded with immense buttery features and the transitions are simply superb. You just imagine yourself as turning a book you can switch to various homepages in the android phones
Its reflexes are very quickly within the one fourth of your eye blink the touch responses to this you can simply understand how fast the processor would be. Android Jelly Bean Processes the responses faster than boosting any of your devices connected to the CPU. It also has an everlasting battery life of 48 hours or in a short 2 days.


You would be definitely daydreaming watching this new version of android phone as it is loaded with certain delightful apps and information .And if you get one you are certainly very much lucky and so you can just off your photo albums and latest gossips all around the world with the help of Google Currents and many more

-Beam photos and videos

Everyone would like to share its best moment of life with the whole world through social sites like Face Book, Twitter etc. Along with Android Jelly Bean you can just share those images or videos with just one simple tap you can on the one touch Wi-Fi of your mobile and get connected to the internet and share your beam images or photos.

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