Sleep Smarter: 5 Ways Your Smartphone Can Help You Sleep Better

When you’re ready to go to sleep you don’t want to spend an hour tossing and turning. Use these smartphone tools to achieve a restful, deep sleep faster each night.

Relax & Rest Guided Meditations

PRICE: $0.99
Peaceful from the color scheme to the functionality, Relax & Rest provides users all over the world with guided meditations meant to inspire a sleepy state of mind. There are three kinds of sleep meditations offered, including whole body, deep rest, or breathing techniques. Choose to meditate with or without music using this simple, straightforward tool.

Relax & Rest

Prepare a nice meditation space for yourself by laying down a blanket and turning out the light. If you don’t have blinds, consider getting window treatments at to help you blot out the distracting light of day.

Count Sheep HD

PRICE: $1.99
Childish and fun, the Count Sheep HD app allows you to literally count sheep as they jump over an aged wooden fence. For people who take longer to wind-down at night this is a great alternative to TV, which can actually stimulate your mind and keep you awake longer.

Count Sheep HD

Count Sheep users should make sure their screen brightness is set to the lowest setting so that the light doesn’t keep the mind awake. Bright lights and screens tell the brain that it’s daytime and you should be awake.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

PRICE: $0.99
This incredible little app determines when the most restful time for you to be woken up is. It uses your iPhone’s accelerometer to monitor your sleep, and can even provide you a graph of the patterns your body follows so that you can understand sleep issues such as insomnia and nightmares.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Users should be aware that because this app wakes you up while you’re sleeping lightly, it does adjust your alarm clock. For example, it might determine that you are ready to be woken up thirty minutes later than you had planned.

Breathing Zone

PRICE: $2.99
This app teaches users how to relieve stress and put themselves in a tranquil frame of mind using therapeutic breathing exercises. It’s coaching demo on the Breathing Zone website shows potential users how to relax and get into a meditative state of mind.

Breathing Zone

While this tool could be useful to put some people to sleep, for others the guitar strumming instructions would be an annoyance. This app has been recommended by Harvard University as well as Time Magazine.


PRICE: $9.99 or $0.99 for Pzizz Lite
The hefty price is a result of the high-tech functionality of this insomniac’s tool. It allows the user to track their breathing, control the white noise settings, detail the duration they’d like to sleep or nap, and track improvements in sleeping patterns. Most people enjoy all of the bells and whistles: however, if you prefer something simpler, this app isn’t for you.


By using these tools you can ensure that all of the time you spend in bed is spent sleeping. Remember to choose the lite versions of expensive apps first, so that you can find out if they work for you before committing to the full price.

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