How good is Your Mobile Phone’s Memory?

If you’re seeking a new mobile phone then there might be a number of factors that help you to decide on a specific handset. It could be its appearance that counts most, or maybe specifications are more important to you. If the latter is the case then phone memory might be crucial, particularly if you want plenty of room to store apps, photos and games.

So with that in mind, it’s worth knowing exactly how much space you will have available. Manufacturers obviously sell their phones with a particular amount of memory advertised, but this is not typically the amount that will be available to make use of. This is because the operating system, whether its Android or Apple’s iOS, needs to use some of the space in order to run effectively.

How good is Your Mobile Phone’s Memory

So which are the best and worst in terms of eating up your extra storage space? The best way to find out is probably to see what handsets are available. A report from Which? suggests that due to the extra apps preloaded to a Samsung S4 the 16GB version of the device only has nine gigabytes of useable memory.

In comparison the HTC Windows 8x offers you 15GB, so might prove a better option if the extra room is important to you. However, it’s also worth considering the features provided with each handset, as these are likely to vary greatly.

Samsung commented on this, in a response given to a report by the Telegraph. They explained: “A portion of memory is reserved for future software upgrades, such as potentially new platform updates or premium suite updates. By doing so, we are able to provide added value for Galaxy S4 owners throughout the device’s entire lifespan.”

Another factor to consider is that many phones offer the option of expanding your memory with an SD card, so you need not feel restricted to the internal memory and can boost it if you desire.

For example, this means youneed not worry if you’re particularly keen on taking photographs. The Samsung Galaxy S4, for instance, allows you to increase memory to as much as 64GB. It also has a 13-megapixel camera so could be an ideal choice if you want clarity and quality in your snaps. There’s also a five-inch high-definition display so viewing your images should prove easy.

And with access to thousands of apps and games from the Play Store you may soon be thankful for having the option of buying more memory.

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