Samsung 60″ Black LED 1080P 3D HDTV Review

Until a few years back, a colored television was thought of very highly. Today, the customers are spoilt for choice and expect much more from the TV viewing experience. Gone are the days when TV meant only for viewership of series or movies. TV of today is a powerful tool for interactive learning, watching experience in High definition with recording options, along with internet usage and WI-fi capabilities. Working on the same lines, Samsung has taken the customer’s TV experience by designing and bringing forth the Samsung 60” LED 3d television, one of the first of its kind.

Samsung 60 Black LED 1080P 3D HDTV Review

Display: With a screen as big as 60” inch, the user feels like a king watching his favorite shows and features on the TV. It weighs around 51.8 pounds and has dimensions of 66 x 8 x 37 inches. It is full high definition and steals the show with its 3D viewing experience.

Features: It comes with a resolution of 1080P and is HD display with full 2D and 3D display. It has a slim LED design with 3D glasses that come with the TV. It comes with a sleep timer.

• It offers a feature of Family story that allows users to upload photos to a gallery from a mobile phone. It can also be used to chat, share and post messages with others. One can use the fitness feature to exercise at home with videos and track progress by downloading the app. There is also a special function for the kids “Kids Story”. It enables one to search and find interactive and kid friendly videos and viewing material that not only enables learning but provides entertainment and fun at the same time.

• The TV is also powered by powerless LAN allowing it to connect with WI-fi, allow for connecting share, web browser usage, Skype connectivity, use built in camera, provide infrared services for data sharing, along with wireless keyboard compatibility. It comes with a great remote that is programmable and has plenty of inbuilt applications.

Camera: It comes with a built in camera with good quality.

Processor: It is powered by a dual-core processor, which allows for fast and superior performance.

Price: Priced at Rs.30,000, it offers a great performance and takes viewing experience to the next level with 3D.

Pros and Cons: It is a sleek TV with the latest feature of 3D viewing, built in WI-fi and browser and backed by equally fast processors, full HD for 2D and 3D viewing. It also enhances the user experience based on your past search and viewership through the internet. One has to tweak around a bit to set and get the correct picture quality based on one’s preference along with disabling the click noise it makes every time you increase or decrease the volume. This noise can be disabled but for a new customer who is unaware, it is quite a cause of concern.

Verdict: The TV is worth its money and provides value. The Samsung after sale service is commendable and support is available round the clock to support customers for their concerns on the TV’s working, settings or even understand the features and their usage.

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