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IMcreator is handy website builder that makes it easy for users to create good-looking websites without diving into any HTML-CSS or JavaScript. It’s a really good option for designers who don’t know how to code, because through the tools that some of these services provide you are able to design websites a lot faster than without the need of expensive developers.

Also, you will be able to give your clients simple and flexible tools for them to freely update the website, again, without the need of coding experience. And the cool thing is that as a designer you can submit a design to a site like IMcreator, for example, where you will be paid when a user selects your design template and uses it.

It contains numerous creative templates to choose from where all of them are optimized for search engines and looking good on mobile too.

All users have to do is to pick up the template, Once the template is picked from a well-categorized list (it is also possible to start with a blank template), the site can be edited live with drag ‘n’ drops.

It facilities users to add new galleries, slideshows, contact forms, menus and many more with a single click. One of the major feature of Imcreator is, it enables users to edit and optimize images which they users will use for their websites. It has built-in image editor for re-sizing or cropping images.

Also, there are lots of widgets to enhance the website like Google Maps, Twitter timeline, SoundVCloud, Vimeo, Facebook and more.

Websites can integrate with any Google Analytics account, come with free e-mail accounts and new templates are introduced regularly.

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