Forgetful? Clumsy? Get These Gadgets!

Do you lose your keys on a regular basis? Put your iPod shuffle through the wash? Keep a bag of rice on-hand to dry out your phone when you drop it in coffee? You don’t have to be doomed to purchase expensive equipment insurance plans or avoid using technology in general. With the following 2013 inventions, you can use technology without worrying about breaking it. It can even help you mitigate or prevent the effects of your forgetfulness!


Did You Lock the Door?

You left the house in a hurry this morning, and you’re halfway-through your 10am meeting when you think, “Did I remember to lock the door?” Locking the door is such a habitual action for us that performing the task just doesn’t enter into our daily memories, making it difficult to remember whether or not it got done while you rushed out of the house with your bags and your plans.

A newly-revealed gadget, the Lockitron, can help you assuage your fears and ensure that your house is secure – without necessitating a trip home during your lunch hour. The device fits over your deadbolt lock and connects to your smartphone app via wifi. Open up the app, and it will let you know if your door is locked and let you lock it with the push of a button

Where Are Your Keys?

There used to be a product on the market that attached to your keychain, and if you whistled, the keychain would beep, letting you know where your keys were. Unfortunately, the device also whistled if you clapped, talked loudly, or watched TV. The failure of the whistle-for-your-keys keychain doesn’t mean that there aren’t better tools on the market to help you find your lost keys – whether you misplaced them in the house or lost them at the store.

According to Daily Comet, The Hone from BiteMyApple attaches to your keychain, but instead of listening for your whistle, it sends out a signal to an app you download on your phone. Tap the button on the app, and the keychain will start to beep. As you wander around, the app will let you know if you’re getting closer to or farther from your keys. This two-pronged approach to helping you find your keys means you never have to shell out big bucks to get your locks changed and your car key replaced.

Did You Spill on Your Keyboard?

There you were, working on your computer when you went to reach for your glass of soda and THUNK – liquid sugar all over your keyboard. If you’ve been working on a regular keyboard, don’t even bother trying to wash the sticky mess out from under your keys, because that keyboard is a goner.

However, if you get ahold of the Logitech Washable Keyboard, you never have to worry about the effects of your klutziness on your tech. Not only will spills fail to destroy this item – you can completely submerge it in water in order to safely remove any sticky, crumbly, or smelly substances underneath the keys.

Today’s technology can help you in a variety of ways – from keeping your property more secure to even helping you sleep better. Look for high-quality devices that connect with your smartphone to enable you to keep better control over things that you often lose, forget, or break. In the long run, these investments will save you time, money, and most importantly – stress.

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