Communication in the Technological Era

In the 21st century there is no limit to communication for the so-called digital generation addicted to internet, social media or smartphone. From writing letters to your pen pal communication has evolved to email, chat, video calls and so on.

The technological developments available today make our lives was easier, enhancing freedom of communication and facilitating connecting with people you don’t know , but have the same passions and hobbies you do. While some might argue that as far as communication is concerned, technology has given it a less personal touch, in fact we have many more possibilities of meeting new people and learning new things, since there are no territorial boundaries. But let’s have a look at some of the most popular technological means of communication and how they developed in time.


I bet you don’t even remember your first mobile phone. I do. If I compare it to the latest smartphones, my first mobile phone was a pink toy with the smallest screen ever, going just beep beep whenever I received a call. Making a phone call was basically the only thing you could do with it. Now think of 4th Generation (4G) mobile phone with superior streaming media. Mobile phone technology is evolving in two directions: the increase in mobile phone users and owners (even my 80-year old grandmother has one) and the increasing number of services and options available on mobile phone or smartphone, using Internet and GPS technology, such as guiding pedestrians (eg., How to get from here to the National Museum?), local information (Where’s the nearest bookstore?) electronic payment system and many more applications and features we use all the time.

Social media

If you don’t have a social networks account, you don’t exist. Social media is not just about having a Facebook account, it’s about being present, and of course active, everywhere: Twitter, G+, Pinterest, Tumbls, blog, Reddit, Youtube, My Space… you name it. And they’re all constantly changing, new features appear, new information is available. When I think about how my Facebook profile changed for the better, from a rudimentary account to a full on structured history about my life, I’m still amazed. And that’s not all. Communicating and interacting is not just done over the internet. When I found out that BLU had developed an Electronic Cigarette Social Pack which allows e-cig vapers to recognize each other in public places, I said to myself “What will they think of next?”. You can check out the social vaping pack on bluaccessories.


The e-mail’s invention goes back to 1971, when Ray Tomlinson, an American electronics graduate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, succeeded in sending the first message between two computers. In his attempt to understand and develop the ARPANET office network, a predecessor of the Internet we use today, and being confronted with real problems when his colleagues didn’t answer the phone, he tried to develop a more efficient way of sending messages from a distance. Although by some it is considered a rudimentary method of communication, one thing is for sure: e-mail will never die.

Now, what’s your favorite one?

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