Prop Betting Goes Pop: A Glance Into Fantasy History

Every sports lover makes the statement, “I’ll bet you…” Just fill that in with whatever you think you know better than others do about a game, trade, win, or any other sport-related factor. According to Sports Book Bonus, a proposition or prop bet is simply a bet based on an event occurring or a specific outcome. Prop bets are often far simpler than other gambling options, as you’ll need great lessons if you want to pick up poker and win against the sharks. With prop bets, however, you just pick an outcome and wait to see what happens.

What are They?

Let’s clarify a bit about what a prop bet is and is not. A Forbes article points out that a prop bet is not made on the score of the game or who will win. Rather, it is made on whether or not something will happen in the event. Prop bets are usually unrelated to the actual end of the game and, instead, are novelty bets that have become pretty odd over the years.

Super Bowl 2013 Prop Bets

As SB Nation explains, Super Bowl 2013 had an incredible number of bets placed on it. Which ones were the most unique?

  • Whether or not Joe Flacco thanks anyone.
  • The number of times Ray Lewis thanks his deity in the game or after it.
  • Who will strike first?
  • What will the coin toss reveal?
  • Will Ray Lewis have more tackles and assists than LeBron James had rebounds and assists in a recent game?

You don’t have to know the game, the stats or the players to propose or participate in a prop bet.

Non-Football Super Bowl Prop Bets

On-field Super Bowl action, like March Madness, is one of the most popular casual gambling opportunities for Americans. How many times have you filled out a bracket or played a few squares? When it comes to prop bets, some of the most interesting prop bets had nothing to do with the gameplay. For example, according to the Huffington Post, one Super Bowl prop bet was whether or not Alicia Keys would be able to pull off the National Anthem even though Christina Aguilera hadn’t. Another bet was on the field, but had to do with the color of Gatorade the players would dump on the winning coach. Yet another was about the Harbaugh Brothers (the two head coaches going head-to-head in the game). It didn’t focus on who would win, but rather how long the two would embrace after the game.

The Mike Matusow and Ted Forrest Weight Loss Bet

Fun is the name of the game when it comes to prop bets, and they are not all about football. That may be why one of the craziest bets made was about who would lose more weight: Ted Forrest or Mike Matusow. ESPN reported that the winner was Ted Forrest, who lost 50 pounds during the bet and took away $2 million in winnings. This all took place during the World Series of Poker. To win, it’s reported that Forrest didn’t eat anything solid for ten days.

What’s the oddest prop bet you can recall? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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