Dressing Up Your Nexus Smartphone

You’ve just bought your new Nexus Smartphone and you wonder whether you need to buy a Nexus Skin to dress it up and protect it. Smartphone devices, while highly functional, can be a touch too delicate and will scratch if not well taken care of. There are a number of special skins for the Nexus smartphone on the market today.

These Nexus skins come in options of three true textures to choose from. The material used to make these skins is authentic 3M vinyl, which not only looks good, but does not leave adhesive residue on your smartphone when removed. The skins are precision cut to make sure that you get the best fit for your device. Seeing how well these skins fit you will realize that their claim of being measured down to the millimeter is nothing but truth. This is evident in how well the cutout for the Nexus letters fits on the back of the device.

The three true to touch textures are titanium, carbon fiber, and leather and mirror the real materials perfectly. The titanium comes in a brushed grey design. Carbon fiber is designed to emulate the carbon fiber plates and provide excellent grip for the user. The last texture available is leather which comes in a wide range of colors, including blue, green, pink and purple. You are also able to mix and match the colors to mimic your own unique palette.

Still wondering why you should dress up your Nexus? A skin will also keep it safe from scratches and other scuffs that may occur over time. The best way to extend the life of your device is to keep it looking as beautiful as it originally did when you opened the box. If you keep it pristine, you are also guaranteed a better price if you ever decide to sell it or trade it in for another device. Another great reason to get your Nexus a skin is to showcase your personal style. Just because others have a similar device doesn’t mean that they you have to have the exact same style. These skins are a great way of expressing your personality and style!

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