Tips for Extreme Couponers

If you decide to become an extreme couponer, you need to know that it takes strategy and effort to cut the grocery bill by 50 percent or more. Even if your aim is not to stock up on free toilet paper and cans of beans to live on for several years, there are numerous fast strategies you can include to amplify your savings. Here are some effective tips that neophyte couponers can use to get them on track:

It takes Patience

Veteran couponers advise newbies not to use coupons as soon as they come out. It is better to hold back from using the coupon until there is a valuable sale to pair it with, which typically occurs within one or two weeks. Beginners definitely need to have a lot of patience in order to practice this.

Save on the Sunday Papers

The most valuable coupons are often found in the Sunday newspapers. Nonetheless, paying for the papers eats into the cost. Thus, it is highly recommended to wait for 70% off deals for new subscribers. Expert couponers renegotiate their rate every time they have to renew their subscription.

Widen the Coupon Sources

Bear in mind that knowing where to find these valuable coupons is just half the battle. Besides your Sunday papers, grocers’ websites have numerous digital coupons that can be loaded directly to your loyalty card. In addition, many coupon sites publish deals and promotions from countless companies and grocers on Facebook pages and their sites.

The best thing about these websites is that they do everything for you – they tell you which store is having a sale and what items are on sale, as well as tell you if there are coupons available for all the items. Do not forget to check the back of all the ticket stubs and grocery receipts, products with peel-off versions, and the magazines for coupons.

Trade Coupons

It would be a great idea to clip all the coupons even when they are not valuable to you. Most people do this to swap the coupons with the ones they need from community centers and libraries. Community centers and libraries have coupon-swapping boxes where people can trade any of their coupons with the ones in the boxes without having to pay anything.

You can also obtain coupons through regular mailings, which is typically known as coupon trains. Take any of the valuable coupons, refill the envelope with the coupons that you do not plan to use, and simply pass it down to those who want them.

Keep Track of Local Sales

A variety of grocers from all corners of the state, or country have their own weekly store flyers. You should study the flyers carefully to track down the product sales that you have coupons for. If there is a coupon with no restrictions on the sizes that you can buy, the smallest size would be an ideal choice, because you will end up paying the least possible amount. In some cases, you may even receive the items free.


Check out stores that offer doubles coupons, because you will easily save more money when you shop for your household items. For instance, if you have a coupon worth $1.00, certain stores will double it to $2.00.

This is how extreme couponers make the most of their coupons daily. They will take the time to find products that are sold, for instance at $3.99 and are on sale for $1.50, and have a $1.25 coupon in circulation that perhaps can be doubled, so that they will obtain the product free of charge!

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