Wondershare Data Recovery: Overview of the Software

The basic task of Wondershare Data Recovery software is to restore the lost parts of the memory and important files without any effort.  The software thereby supports the recovery of almost all the important media files that your phone features like emails, video, audio, images, text messages, encrypted data and much more.  By the word data recovery itself, the user can get the glimpse of its function but along with that the software features host of interesting characteristics which makes it top the list of hit downloads among the software’s of utilities.  Before getting a brief understanding of what wonders can Wondershare Data Recovery create by installing it in your system and how can the user install and successfully operate the software.

Wondershare Data Recovery basically, retrieves the lost videos, music files, documents etc from the PC’s hard drive as well as from the USB’s drives, external hard drives, mobile phones, digital cameras, iPods, MP3/MP4 players and other storage devices.

How to use Wondershare Data Recovery?

After the successful installation of the software from various websites on the internet, the data recovery application can be used by firstly selecting a ‘recovery module’.  Each module has been designed to conduct a specific job. ‘Lost recovery file’ will allow the use to recover deleted and formatted files from the partition such as files emptied from the recycle bin.  The damaged and lost documents or files can easily be traced with ‘partition recovery’ option. ‘Raw File recovery’ can be used if the user is unable to find or trace the lost data. ‘Resume Recovery’ imports saved scan results to resume previous recovery results.  However, since the software deals with recovery of lost data it is also advisable to immediately get back to the lost data as soon as you realized that you have lost it.  The software is easy and fine to use but it can give trouble if you keep on updating new data and expect the lost ones to be retrieved easily.  The file size of this software is around 17 MB and its latest version is around 4.3.1. It’s easy to install and run in your system without having to fall into the circle of technical detailing while running this software.

Let’s study the interesting feature of this software which makes it worth downloading for best usage.

 Features:  Wondershare Data Recovery

  • Effective and Safe Data recovery:  The software lives up to its name of wonderful taskmaster in recovering lost data and files. The user will be amazed to retrace back the old damaged files with this software which has host of options like raw file recovery, lost file recovery and others for efficient usage.
  •   Varied choices:  As listed above, the software recovers all the damaged and lost files with its several module choices to recover different types of files. These options give a lot of hope and opportunity to users to use this software in different ways. The designers of the software should be credited for the options like lost data recovery, resume data recovery and even scanning options.
  • Resume Recovery: The Wondershare Data Recovery software not only restores or recover lost files but it ensures safety and protection to your system by giving your virus free or damaged free file that you can use in the future.
  • Supports all formats: A valid point to take into consideration while downloading this software because the user can be easily assured about file conversation or any such difficulties that they normally face with different file format. Wondershare’s Data recovery supports almost every file format for its successful recovery.
  • Previewing of files:  Another interesting feature adding on to this useful software its is brilliant display of files that have been damaged and lost by your system so that the user can use his/her memory in selecting the files that they want to recover. It’s simply well-designed for best usage.

Clearly enough, installing Wondershare Data Recovery can bring sustainable amount of safety to the user in case the system crashes. It’s highly recommended software to install for saving your data from getting lost forever. Being an android product, the reliability of this software cannot be questioned at all.  Wondershare Data Recovery according to me is one of the best data recovery software available today.

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