Jobs that Can’t be Replaced by Robots Anytime Soon

Watson is the computer system famous for winning against human victors on the TV game show “Jeopardy!” in 2011.

It is now retired, and in the meantime, researchers are literally trying to make Watson “give birth” by testing new genesis of its programming in medical treatments, where the technology would assist physicians in diagnosing illnesses like cancer, assess patients, and recommend therapies.

It’s hard to visualize how these progressively sophisticated robots will replace humans in every sector of the industrial and manufacturing fields anytime soon. However, clerical and various “white collar” jobs may be doomed. This is because the unification of artificial intelligence and unlimited data is starting to give androids a more human-like capacity to reason and solve problems. All the same, there are jobs that won’t be taken over by robots anytime soon.

Unless the populace becomes completely lobotomized, robots and entertainment will never mix. Sure, robots like R2D2 from Star Wars work well on film. Nonetheless, in order to enjoy a live ballet performance or to hear a rendition of the Rolling Stones, it will take more than an android that needs their vocal chords repeatedly oiled.

Chefs and Cooks
There’s no way in the world robots will handle the nightmare that takes place in kitchens especially when things get hectic. Improvisation, quick wit, and keeping customers satisfied takes more than well-designed programming. Besides, an honest mishap like spilling water on a robot chef could very well put them out of service.

Keeping a garden or landscape attractive takes creative impulse and a fondness of nature. There’s nothing natural about a robot weeding a garden. Watson may be able to answer questions about daffodils but it can’t run down to the local garden supply store and pick up the right kind of lupins for your home’s flowerbed.

Chauffeur or Driver
If you ever navigated through the major cities of the US, especially during rush hour, you realize is constantly changing and hard to adapt. A robot would be able to navigate or function correctly.

If you’re more interested in a desk job, then you should pursue an online Certificate in Accounting. Even though robots are masters at intricate mathematical equations, an accountant has to be more “humanly flexible.” Reconciling bank statements, preparing property tax returns, issuing financial statements, calculating depreciation, preparing journal entries, and doing physical inventory is only a small part of an accountant’s work. Moreover, there are various types of accountants as well. It just seems so uncivilized for a CEO of a company to converse with a robot about the year’s quarterly returns.

As one keen observer stated, “the reason why we will never have robotic politicians is because they would never allow it!”

Human Care Jobs
Androids won’t progress to the point where the “human touch” won’t be necessary. In circumstances where interacting with a machine could be unsettling instead of soothing, humans will remain. Funeral home staff won’t be replaced by robots any time soon.

While these maybe the ones that come to mind, there are many other “robot proof” professions. This includes lawyers, primary and secondary education positions, managing automation, and many others.

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